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Title: Where to go in London
Post by: Agony Guy on July 04, 2013
Winfried at Bike Forums writes: (

I'll be in London for a few days next week before heading up North, and would like to take the opportunity to visit some good bike stores in the city to check things out, including stores that sell Bromptons, as I might buy one in the fall.

Also, I know my way around a bit after spending a week there in 2011, but if you know of great bike rides in and around the city, I'm interested

This map may help you plan your visit:


A few of the more popular bike stores are marked. You may also have heard of the plague of Evans. (Not meant in a bad way. It's just the first collective noun that came to mind.)

As for interesting rides in and around the city, your best bet is to seek the advice of your fellow road users the taxi drivers, who are replete with local knowledge; many will be happy to tell you where to go.

Be sure to stop by Westminster. (