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Early in my bicycle shop foraging days I stumbled upon an extremely light and unbranded multitool, which I've miraculously managed to not lose over the years. Today at Wild Side I was pleased to find another one, this time with a name on it. Even walking home two miles with a large house plant in one arm weeping over my shoulder and a floor lamp in the other, I could almost manage to skip, my heart weightless with frivolous pleasure. Zzzzanzi


A year after posting that I picked up another one on ebay. In a post-apocalyptic world they can be used as currency.

On a side note, my wife is of the opinion there are too many men wearing purple these days.

I recently needed to borrow a larger adjustable spanner from my neighbour to change a bottom bracket. He collects cars. Not matchbox cars like I did when I was a kid. Bentleys. Granted I had more matchbox cars than he has Bentleys.

He's got an old hammer pond on his property. Once upon a time it might have cooled a furnace which produced cannon used by Queen Elizabeth's fleet to defeat the Spanish Armada. Now it's a quiet little reservoir of fish food.

Another wrench, this one a minnow. Bought at a Sears in Ohio, where you have to sign a waiver promising that it's going to be used on a tractor.

The phone is for scale, a Nokia being a standard unit of measurement

The new best tyre lever in the world, apparently designed by the same people who brought us the Gherkin:


So judged after helping me remove Primo Comets from my folder, a test which some tribes in the Amazon use to prove manhood. Pedro broke.

The photo used on the puncture repair page will not be replaced due to Photoshop time invested.


My Park Scourge, used for self-mortification and penance when I covet another man's bicycle


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