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es ist verboten
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This is an office building in London. My wife works here. I can sometimes be found out front, waiting to take her to lunch.

Today I took this picture, because I'm planning to blow this building up and would like something to remember it by. (I'll wait till we're safely at PizzaExpress; suicide bombing spoils my appetite.) You can't really blame the man in the fluorescent bib for rushing over as I was snapping the shutter. "You'll have to erase that," he said.

"I'm not erasing it," I informed him.

"I can call the police," he informed me.

"Call them," I suggested, having already emailed the photo to the head of my cell, who hasn't figured out how to use Google Earth.

We chatted for a bit. I told the man in the bib that I wouldn't take any more photos. Then I crossed the street, if only to escape his jurisdiction.


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Here's another forbidden picture, from Brick Lane Bikes:

mustn't click!

I've hidden it [unless the spoilers are still busted] because my new role as industrial espionage agent demands a certain discretion, which also explains the anagrammed subject heading. I was in the process of purloining the design specs of the BLB pedal using an image capturing device when the proprietor or his muscle appeared on the scene and demanded not only that I cease this activity but that, yes, I erase the picture I had just taken before it could be passed along to certain third parties I am not at liberty to disclose the identities of. I quickly swallowed the memory card and fled the store, considering myself lucky to escape being anodised, and in a back alley forced myself to ingest a noxious energy gel I keep on hand for just this eventuality to facilitate nausea and data retrieval.


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