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Wanted: Assassin for my wife's boss. No need to be discreet, it is preferred this look like what it is – a hit – to send a warning to middle management compelling assimilation into the borg scrum. Will provide alibi ("He was cycling with me in France"). Can pay in cash, bullion,* or bicycle parts.

* or bouillon, if you like soup

Beloved icon currently spanning the East River in New York. Very sturdy: can hold 99% of humanity, and has survived numerous assaults, including Godzilla

a sea monster

and a disturbed and restless bunny rabbit.

Cycle lanes included.

All reasonable offers considered.


Legal thriller in four parts. I like to carry thin books. Bought for train reading. Missing the first 208 pages. Will throw in the first 174 pages of Jack Henderson's Maximum Impact.

Can offer a box just for wishes in part exchange.


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