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More glimpses of Hastings:

Volleyball on the beach. The good news is, they've imported real beach -- nice soft sand.
The bad news is, all the council could afford was quicksand.

Seafront arcade showcases the trouble with tribbles: throwing money at them won't make them go away.

Site of an Iron Age caravan park

Shopping precinct

This is set for May 12th, to be added to the Things That Happened on May 12th list, which could use some lightening up.

Weather forecast looks promising, but that's meaningless, as is any forecast beyond the next few hours, so never mind. Of more concern is my premature decision to warn the town fathers of a crush of cyclists on the 12th, prompting them to call in a level of reinforcements not seen since the invasion of the mods & rockers.


Ride report

another ride report


2nd running of this illustrious event, rebadged the Wen to Wen.


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