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« on: December 20, 2006 »
Stumbling from a warm bed, to unfreeze the shed locks in a cup of hot water.

6 mile climb, wrapped in cotton wool, rising from the clinging fog, like a diver from the deep, on the last 100m to the Ridgeway.

Gazing over the Vale of White Horse, a vast expanse of white seascape, a band of vermillion blue shading to russet pink delimiting the horizon - Epiphany...

Plunging back down Ashbury, legs pumping at 170rpm, a film of ice forming across the shades - Mummmmmmmmmy!

One "like the hat" through Sevenhampton.

Slumping against the rad, cup of tea in hand.

Anyway, can't spend all day chatting to you lot, got work to do  ;)