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Intro of me
« on: February 21, 2008 »
Name: Ian (obviously)

Location: Nowadays, South-east London (via Nottingham, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Connecticut, Sheffield, and few other places in between).

Height: Just enough to get away with bullying pygmies out of their dinner money.

Weight: Not much, could probably afford to mail myself somewhere exotic.

Bikes: Spent my PhD years commuting up and down Edinburgh on a Raleigh Arena stuck in fifth gear (fixing it would have involved chipping through the rust and accumulated 3-in-1, easier just to pedal a bit harder). After a long hiatus (car vs. bike thing, car won), dipped my toes back into cycling waters with a Saracen Rufftrax last year. Despite being a cheapie, surprising nice to ride (ok, I know I spent four years bashing a rusty Arena along cobbled streets) - with a few upgrades, it's still my day-to-day runaround and commuter. Also have a Giant SCR roadie and a pogo stick.

Occupation: Megacorp minion with the carbon footprint of Godzilla's bigger brother as I zip backward and forward over the Atlantic.

Status: Just the one rather lovely wife, and a very scaredy cat that lives in the central heating cupboard.

Interests: Walking up mountains / cycling down them, rambling about by foot and bike, drinking beer, eating well, and swimming. All seem to balance out. Oh, and sea otters, because they are ace.

Music tastes: Mostly indie/alt, but getting old enough not to care about genre, if it sounds good, it is. Today I listened to Bloc Party, Laura Veirs, and, erm, A-ha.

Claim to fame: I'm actually one of the those lizard aliens that David Icke keeps going on about. OK, that's a lie. I do run the world though. And I invented the Internet. Plus, I'm Spartacus.

Pet hates: I don't like dolphins. They're up to something.

Other facts: Not much of a commuter, mostly work from home, so do a daily three miler to the pool and back at lunchtime. Once or twice a week on average I'll pop into central London, usually by bike if I don't need to be too smart and the sweaty malodour isn't a problem. Getting some weekend milage in as weather allows and quite enjoying this cycling malarky. Not allowed any more bikes until I get a shed.