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Cycling in the Rain
« on: September 24, 2006 »
I woke this morning and listened to the rain on my window.

'Sod it', I thought, 'I'll just go back to sleep'

But then I remembered how much I had wanted to ride all week, when I hadn't had a chance.  And I didn't want to make it my first whole week (excepting one week holiday) when I hadn't ridden since... well, since I started riding again, actually.

So I got up & pottered around - walking the dog, having breakfast.  Even dawn (such as it was) didn't bring an end to the rain.

I hardened my resolve, and got on my bike, and rode.

The cooling drizzle was gorgeous, and I listened to the swish of the tyres through the thin film of water.

As I sat by Hollingworth Lake, watching the dog walkers, joggers and rowers, all with sorrowful expressions on their faces, I realised that I was the only person there who was smiling.

That's what cycling can do.