Author Topic: A gripe about the really small text


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A gripe about the really small text
« on: December 16, 2006 »
scaled down from the original 40pt text size:

And while we're on one, what's all this nonsense with trying different keyboard characters to make up your own bloody smilies?


Most of them don't work and only serve to inflame my anger towards people who woefully squander punctuation marks as if they grew on trees which they dont I can tell you in no mistake

There is a perfectly good array of smilies on this forum and I fail to see why any right-thinking flora member should try to create their own or wander elsewhere to punctuate their point of view.

It's the fringes of anarchy and does not improve the general community we have here.

Please stick to the path and do not imagine for one moment that some secret key combination will garnish your comments any more than a very large sprig of parsley does on a chicken and mushroom pie where you know that an impressive crust is all that stands between you and a mediocre filling.

Think on, DIY smiley seekers.