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New Socks
« on: December 19, 2006 »
Cycling shoes should be black, socks white. Colour below the waist is not a good idea.

Equally colour on walls is a mistake. Colour in furniture is to be avoided. Flowers should be white, not red, blue or yellow. Sanitaryware should be white. Cars should be grey - colour is a great mistake here. Bikes should be black, although a little colour, by way of a name, or an insignia is acceptable.

Crockery should always be white. Underwear must be white, nothing else is acceptable unless it is black, and then only on the ladies, and then only in small amounts. Tiles of any description should be white, although uncoloured porcelain will do (but not on kitchen floors, trust me, that is a big mistake). Ink should be black - blue ink is a little too risque. Writing paper should be white. Photographs should be black and white. Windowframes should always be painted white.

Orange should be banned. It has no rightful place on this earth.