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Competitive commuting
« on: December 19, 2006 »
I chase people all the time, but it's not so much competition as just pacing myself (...though I do get very irked when someone overtakes me - particularly if it's another girl).

What I like best is when you end up chatting to the other people on the road, or even just getting a bit of a nod to say that they know your game. I stopped next to an Australian bloke at some of the traffic lights on The Mall the other week. We watched every other cyclist jump the lights, and he remarked that we'd have to go to all the trouble of overtaking them all over again. We did, and kept up with each other all the way to South Ken.

And last week I tailed someone for miles and miles, only just keeping up with him - and after a bit he started pointing out the holes in the road for me! Next time it happens, I'll overtake and let him ride my wheel for a bit...