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Audax Etiquette
« on: January 09, 2007 »
There is a separate etiquette for the Dun Run, being a very unofficial audax-type ride:

1) Do NOT read the route instructions.  No-one else does, and it's more of an adventure that way.

2) Leave early so there is still food/coffee/somewhere to lean a bike at the feeding station.  Lunchtime is good.

3) On no account do any mechanical preparation or take any spares.  If the bike gets you to the start, it'll get you to Suffolk.

4) Like a moth, gravitate towards the riders with the brightest lights.  Obviously you can't take a turn at the front, because you wouldn't be able to see with your feeble green LED, so they can tow you all the way, which is nice.

5) Just because a rider has stopped, it doesn't mean they (and you) are lost.  It usually means they need a slash and are waiting for you to go away.