Author Topic: USA to block out the sun!


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USA to block out the sun!
« on: February 01, 2007 »
Blocking the sun is an interesting and fresh approach to one of the biggest problems facing the planet.  Those of you who dismiss it out of hand show your lack of vision and do not understand that the proposal at least contains the first element of lateral thinking.

Many of you find it easy to criticise and even ridicule Dubya,  the current great leader of the Free World.  This lampooning is unfair and unwise.  Dubya is a restrained and fair-minded man - but in recent years two countries have have pushed him too far and paid dearly for making him angry.  If people on this side of the Atlantic insist on abusing Dubya then it could ultimately damage the UK's special relationship with the United States of America.   Push him beyond that and we may all wake up one day to find that he has sent US troops to our Island to bring us the freedom and democracy he has so benevolently exported to Afghanistan and Iraq.  The reduced numbers of the poorly equipped members of our armed forces would be stretched to the limit to give such action the support Tony Blair would like so let us cooperate to ensure it does not become necessary.

So let us all stop criticising and help with the research for this innovative idea from the best brains in the United States.  We have excellent physicists in our universities and their expertise would be invaluable in helping turn Dubya's dream into  reality.

I would welcome a face to face discusion with any of you who feel capable of dconsidering this Sun Blocking option seriously.  You can find me in Ward 5 of the Doolaly Institute for the Mentally Derranged.  I will be in the bed between Napoleon Bonapart and Florence Nightingale (Who, by the way,  is now a bloke)