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I love
« on: February 16, 2007 »
London, I have just returned from taking my daughter for some heart checks at The Evelina Hospital.  We went on the no 12 bus.  Today I saw a young Muslim women who was fully covered up stand and give her seat to an elderly women wearing a large cross.  A Young black man in a Hoody help an old white women off the bus with her shopping.  My daughter was offered a seat and then talked to by two Polish builders who wanted to know all about  her Green fairy.  Two young black women about sixteen years old talked extensively about the struggle they had to study enough to get to university and go to their Nan's every day to cook her a meal.  One said to the other how she had planned to stay in this half term just to study.  The other replied that they could work together. I saw how poeple tolerated the rather incoherent rantings of someone who was rather worse for wear on alcohol.  No anger directed, no hostility just common tolerance.

I watched people smile at each other, laugh together, make room, help others and demonstrate all that is good in our society.   It is days like this that I am reminded what is both great about my city and country.  No where else but here can you see all the good in people travelling together on a communal bus.  A great end to a trying day but one that reminds me that it is people that really are the answer to all our difficulties.