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Situations Vacant: Dance partner required
« on: February 26, 2007 »
For too long I have denied the ladies of South East Hampshire my vivid interpretation of music through ryhthm and movement.

Enough I say, I can torture them no longer.

I shall re-emerge onto the dancefloor stronger, bolder, fatter.

To announce my return, I am planning a signature dance move and require a partner, preferrably female, to assist me.

According to the fantastic website that supplies these moves, this move, termed "The Washing Machine" has an intimacy rating of  'Quite Proper' so there should be no worries of a misplaced hand or penitillia.

In essence, these are the moves:

LIFT  [1] Start with a L-R hand-hold. Step back under tension.

[2] The lady places her hands on your shoulders and you place your hands through the lady's legs, one on each buttock! Both should be bent down at this point. It is sometimes helpful to count half-beats, ie 1,2,down.

[3] She jumps and you lift her up so she is sitting on your shoulders looking behind you with her legs and arms outstretched horizontally.

[4] You IMMEDIATELY move your hands in front of her (ie between your head and her stomach), fingers interlocked palms away around her stomach. The lady is allowed to rotate backwards (she MUST open her legs to leave your ears intact). Lady ensures her legs come with her (keeping the right angle as it stops her slipping through your hands - so is a safety point)) as she tumbles backwards and you pull her into your chest to slow her fall until.

[5] She lands with her head inside your legs and her feet touch the floor. At this point, ensure her head is as high as possible through your legs (gives her height following) and keep your legs close enough for her shoulder to push against.
SOMERSAULT  [6] She offers her hands through her legs, palms out, thumbs down. Reach over her posterior (!) and grab her hands (your thumbs up, palms inwards.

[7] Pull her upwards to unflip her again by rolling her back up your body. The lady must lock her body to her legs as they are turned. She should be raised nearly as high as your shoulders again and she opens her legs to miss your shoulders and lands on the floor facing you.

[8] Land!

[9] Step back under tension.
It is possible to get the timing such that the lady never actually lands on your shoulders and it looks great! 

As it says, 'Quite Proper'.

Any volunteers should PM me or email me at

It would help if you could supply a picture, taken from behind, bent over with your hands between your legs holding up a card with your approximate weight as I have an old netball injury that can be tricky sometimes.

I await in fervid anticipation.