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Britain is best at...
« on: March 15, 2007 »
Britain is best at the theory of aesthetics. America is 2nd best, the best Germans are dead, and the French are pants.

The English are best at Period Dramas - the Indians are second. The Scottish are best at insurance, but not neccessarily reinsurance. The Welsh are best at Dr. Who.

The British are best at touring cycles with mudguards.

The British* are best at Architecture. There, now I've said it. The Americans used to be best, but now they're not. The Finns were tops, but now they're not. The Germans were never best. The Australians might have been best if they hadn't got sidetracked by the Olympics and too much money. The French have been nowhere since Labrouste. The Italians were never best, and, even when they were, they were Florentines, and even then Bruneleschi was a dick. The Mayans were best, but they got out of the habit. The Moors, so called, had a few good routines, but went on a bit. We've been best, on and off, since 1850.

*most of the folk in British practices are from somewhere else - but then most of the folk playing for Manchester United are from somewhere else.