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Audax is non competitive because...
« on: October 27, 2007 »
I am totally competitive in Audaxes. Of course it is a race. And I intend to win - in my own devious way. I am racing with everyone else even if they don't know it - hopefully they actually don't realise (but in fact I think they are all doing it too). And if I am not racing them (as they might be going too fast) then I am racing the clock.

Passing the rider in front becomes a total obsession and if I am fortunate enough to do so - careful breathing control may enable me to say 'alright there?' or some other chatty observation to enhance his day. Being passed by others doing the same causes invisible despair and a desire for revenge.
What I love about Audax riding is that even though I may be in the grip of a competitive rage I am still able to pretend I am actually just pootling along at my own speed. Magic.

Of course sometimes I am knackered, it is late, and I may lose the rage and settle into a companionable ride with someone - but this is just to lure them into lowering their guard while I rest before my next pounce.