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Long distances
« on: January 11, 2008 »
Remember that deferred gratification is important too. Others above have talked about the bad spells on a ride. There are times on a long ride that I hate cycling with a passion. I'm sore, the traffic is bad, it's a pointless and stupid thing to do...

But the feeling at the end of the journey is sensational - that's when I get my buzz and sense of achievement. My daily distances (on tour) are reducing year by year, but 100km a day - for day after day after day is a bloody, bloody long way.

I emailed my wife a week into the 2007 tour and said categorically that it was my last trip; I hated cycle touring and all the associated pain and crap. A few days later, I was singing like a loony and booking a bonkers plane ticket home from somewhere on a different effing continent.

Many of us have a surprising inner steel, of which we knew nothing before long-distance cycling grabbed us; and we recognise it in each other.