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Schroedinger's faery
« on: January 21, 2008 »
Last night, on my way home, I hit a pothole and suffered a snakebite p*****re, rapid tyre deflation, and a case of mild Tourette's.

I fitted a new inner tube, pumped up the tyre, and pootled home. When I got to the garage, I put my bike away, patched the snakebitten tube, and left it out for the glue to dry. 

Some forty minutes later, Tim came home, noted the patched tube and correctly deduced that I'd had a faery attack. He then listened, and could hear a soft hissing noise. He was about to bound up to the house and gleefully inform me that I was inept in the puncture-fixing department, when he realised that the hissing noise was coming from his bike. 

I suspect that this was a karma faery sent to punish Tim. If Tim had planned on being sympathetic and polite to me, then the faery would have left his bike alone. It was a Shroedinger's faery - until Tim had decided on his course of action and looked at the bike tyres, the faery was potentially on both and neither bikes. Only once he had made up his mind to use sarcasm at me was the faery "fixed" in reality onto his bike. Whaddaya reckon?