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Haywards Heath: West Sussex town named after a public sector worker charged with keeping hedges safe from cattle and tasering cyclists in search of relief, and the end of the road for me on the latest Friday Night Ride to the Coast.

Yesterday while prepping my bike I blew a rim. Better at home than somewhere less cozy in the middle of the night, but it necessitated swapping wheels from a not-ready-for-prime-time fully geared bike to a singlespeed. Although one of the cogs in the cassette had the magic number of teeth, the chain proved unhappy with the transplant, and made its displeasure known. Frequently. The torture of constantly putting it back on track finally broke me.

Ride report here. The petrol station forecourts appear to have been edited out.

Security on the ride has been heightened, with full body scans now mandatory

Diesel isn't good for cold starts


lost in translation
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Abwechslung ist die W├╝rze des Lebens:

This was supposed to be an embedded video. Instead it's an invitation. I've gone and made a parody using that well worn clip from Downfall, but it's been blocked. Something about copyright infringement (even though the director himself is a fan of the genre). Or perhaps a critic or jaded algorithm decided that my contribution to the meme pool jumped the shark.

If you'd like a private screening, get in touch.

Hitler feels the ride is going in the wrong direction.

Sorry, it's not in 3D, and there are no sharks.

update: Or you could just click here. Turns out I had a publicly available version after all.