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Title: Welcome to The Hotel California
Post by: Theodore Blovius on May 13, 2005
I have long been a champion of free speech, as I have many important things to say and people should be made to listen to them. Therefore I have requested a board of my own. This has been granted with one condition: that I make room on the shelves for posts which "don't quite fit" elsewhere in the forum to be encased in digital aspic here. You see, the proprietor of this establishment maintains a fastidious horror of censorship; yet he wishes to run a reasonably tight ship. I am informed by a young acquaintance who came of age in the unkempt 70s that my board takes its name from a song, the significance of which lies in the closing lyrics:

You can checkout any time you like
But you can never leave

Be that as it may, I have become shepherd of seriously wayward topics, as well as moderator in charge of spam and jailkeep of trollish posts. I am uncertain why I have been chosen for this peculiar honour. I have enough on my plate and no need of a side dish of Tolkien tomfoolery.

Nevertheless I have been entrusted with this responsibility, and accept it with no ill grace, though let the record show that Gertrude's 'room' ( came without strings attached.

Theodore Blovius