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Title: international aid
Post by: sam on January 30, 2011
From the hope springs eternal ( dept, we've taken delivery of a Kalkhoff Agattu, which sounds like a Russian invasion of France but is in fact a highly rated German power-assisted bike. It's for my Sri Lankan British American wife.


I had suggested one of these, ( but that was more assistance than she wanted.
Title: the cessation of suffering is attainable
Post by: sam on June 12, 2011
So far so good. This has proved sturdy and reliable, with a magic paint job which almost seems to repel dirt - something to like when you live in the muck ( The battery performs as advertised. Even the tyres hold on to their air in such a miserly way that topping them up is seldom necessary; such are the joys of a low pressure life. The only downsides are that it can compel one to to deny the noble truth that life means suffering, and there is a propensity to gloat when reading of lesser ebikes (, which can't be good for the karma either. And of course some people think it's cheating, not far removed from doping on the Tour.