Author Topic: Top 5 Vegetables with greatest busking ability


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The opinions expressed so far are depressingly parochial.  What about the delights favoured on the warm shores of the Mediterranean?

I am, of course referring to those stars of the Ratatouille Ensemble, The colourful Capsicum the suggestive Courgette and the noble Aubergine.  These three vegetables - together with the American influence from the Tomato made the Ratatouille Ensemble what it is today - a chamber orchestra with the depth and feeling of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the colour and vivacity of a Gypsy band.  Each of these excellent edibles contributed edifying performances as members of the Ratatouille Ensemble but did you know that each has in international virtuoso career in its own right?

Capsicum's guitar solo in Concierto De Aranjuez by Rodrigo is now the standard against which all other versions are judged.

Courgette, mainly appearing under the name of zucchini in the United states and Italy, enjoys Universal acclaim for her rendition of the Mozart concerto in E-Flat major (K370 & 371).

Tomato is being hailed as the new Yehudi Menuhin for his accomplished interpretations of J S Bach's Violin Concerti

Aubergine's bowing in Dvorák's cello concerto is sublime and his empathy with Elgar's concerto is breathtaking.

Sadly none of these vegetables has time for much busking these days due to their heavy international schedules.  On the rare occasions when they are in London and with a little time to spare they delight in busking to entertain theatre queues.  The only exception is Tomato who has not busked since being attacked by a deranged fan of Stephane Grappelli outside the Palladium 2 years ago.  Tomato was unhurt but his beloved Stradivarius suffered some unfortunate scratches to the varnish and  two broken strings.  Since that unfortunate incident Tom feels he cannot expose his instrument to such risk again.  A tragic loss for London's theatre goers.