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The Myway Code
« on: September 25, 2006 »

The Myway Code by Ian Vince and Dan Kieran

The Highway Code is Britain’s best selling non-fiction book, and in 2006 it will be exactly 75 years old. Isn’t it about time that the old codger got out of the driving seat and let the real rules of the road take over? Enter The Myway Code, the shifty, wayward offspring of the original that has priority over all oncoming vehicles and is set to drive itself to the top of the charts faster and harder than is legally appropriate.

Written and laid out in a style which will be familiar to anyone who has seen, and therefore failed to read, the official book, The Myway Code puts its foot down and its finger up, as it rips up the L-plates and tears up the road like an XR3i full of feral children on alcopops.