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Lost my cool this morning
« on: February 15, 2008 »
I think it helps to remember various common driver misconceptions:
1) Cyclists are narrow vehicles and need very little space
2) Cyclists are slow and can be treated in the same way as stationary road obstructions not as traffic
3) Cyclists can stop very quickly (quicker than a car)
4) Cyclists have no reason to ride more than a couple of inches from the kerb, and if they do so they are deliberately obstructing traffic
5) It is no inconvenience for a cyclist to stop and give way to cars
6) Cyclists journey time is unimportant. If they wanted to get somewhere quickly they would drive after all.
7)  If the front of my car is in front of the cyclist then I have completed the overtaking maneuver and it is then the cyclist who must give way
8.) Cyclists should always give way to faster vehicles wishing to overtake
9) Cyclists don't pay road-tax or fuel duty and thus don't deserve to be on the road
10) Cyclists must never ride 2 abreast and thus cyclists must never overtake each other
11) All cyclists are bad jump red lights, ride on pavements, no lights and undertake left turning vehicles. If there is an accident they must be at fault
12) I am a good driver, thus any collision or confrontation must be the cyclists fault
13) Cyclists must use cycle paths, tracks, lanes where available
14) Roads are for cars which includes all bus and cycle lanes (even those marked by solid white lines)
15) Double yellow lines means you must double flashing yellow lights when you park. Single yellow lines mean one flashing yellow light.