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I'm now inviting donations for the maintenance of acf. This will not be mandatory. It's a free country, and a free forum. Though not to me.

By contributing you are not giving yourself any more of a say in the running of acf than you have already (that should be an easy one to work out). Nor are you acquiring extra privileges. Theoretically you'll be paying for exactly what you're getting now.

This is not a subscription and does not imply a right to continued access.1 There are no guarantees in life or message boards. Only know that I have no desire to erase what has been painstakingly assembled, or to treat people unfairly.

As host I have taken an interest in the smooth running of this establishment. If I'm now requesting rent, it's in the spirit of extracting something like market value for services rendered.2 Running a website is more or less a licence to lose money. This is my attempt to stem the tide of red ink which began in 2000 with the creation of

There are many schemes for donations. The one I have chosen is the simplest: cheque or postal order drawn from your good will and sent to HQ. Envelopes will be opened by my accountant, who doubles as my wife and has long been capable of forging my signature. I do not intend to be aware of names of donors, only figures. In this way I can continue to maintain impartiality in all affairs of state.3

Any overage, however unlikely, will be retained as my salary. Practically speaking this means it will be kept in an account from which future forum expenditures will be drawn. Invitations to comparisons with Father Ted are not encouraged.

Please contact accountant(at) for the address to mail financial instruments.

PayPal donations are also accepted: click here and ignore the "before you make a donation" link, which will result in a strong feeling of deja vu. Any problems with the transaction, please email the above address.

You can also contribute via Standing Order.1 Contact the accountant for details. 

1 - In that case it probably does seem an awful lot like a subscription. Naturally you can discontinue such an arrangement at any time. It's up to you to stop your own standing order.
2 - I am a freelancer and acf constitutes work.
3 - Wording retained as this was policy for a number of years (this footnote added in 2008). The books are now open to me; I feel reasonably confident in my ability to comartmentalize. Anonymity was easier in theory than in practice. Nevertheless, please do not announce to the forum at large that you have made a donation.

on edit:
Erase I did. When people gave up on acf, I kind of lost interest in archiving.