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Idée fixe
« on: October 23, 2013 »

It's nice to try new things. Even things like fixed-gear. If it maims you or gives you funny ideas about what's fun, that's the price to be paid for attempting to redraw the boundaries of your comfort zone. Forums are full of people who are eager to help you redraw those boundaries to a closer approximation of their own. "Don't overthink it," you're told. "It's just a bike." Oh, it's so much more. Like any self-respecting tribe, the fixed have a belief system. How else to explain the constant need to convert those outside the circle?

There is a god, of course. Scripture. Temples. Heathens. All familiar stuff to those with faith or who make a study of it. What's of concern here is that the novitiate seems too willing to go against his better judgement. "I feel I may be missing out on something," he writes, another victim of the human condition. Then, revelation: "Whether or not that something is worth the angst only time will tell."

Credits: for the art, Big Love for the screenshot.