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Still mostly harmless
« on: August 05, 2014 »
Time to unmask myself: I am Agony Guy. It's a shock, I know. Moving right along, Charlotte at Yacf writes:

He really doesn't like penny farthing riders :erolleyes:

I've got nothing against penny farthings. Here's one now, tamed and about to be given a spin by a helpful volunteer at the Bicycle Museum of America:

They've got an amusing name, that's all. (And for the purposes of that story they slotted in nicely alongside Boris Bikes & Brommies.) I've been poking fun at little wheeled folders for years even though I ride one; vegans, though I am one; Americans, ditto.

I am resolutely equal-opportunity in my targets. Everything's fair game, and there's never any malice.

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