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Caption It Awards
« on: July 27, 2016 »
Yet Another Cycling Forum continues with the board I started here. To maintain thread decorum, these Caption It Awards (aka the 'Pics'), are exclusive to acf.

The inaugural Pic goes to RibbleRouser, for Moulin Rouge meets Maillot Jaune:

The judges noted in particular that RR "kept it classy."

This nearly went to Ruthie, for Cupid Stunt goes for a ride:

but it was felt the caption went too far. "'Cupid Stunt' on its own would've been more poetically succinct and worked better, on more levels."

The Razzie, on the other hand, goes to Bledlow, for Rapha's new top-end 'Imperial' clothing range. This was earned for the TMNing of an entry upthread. (The highly technical term comes from CycleChat – scroll down for Glossary.) "I thought it would be more fun to let the reader reach the obvious conclusion him or herself," according to the TMNed party, who spoke on condition of anonymity.