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Roule Britannia
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Roule Britannia: A History of Britons in the Tour De France by William Fotheringham

Fifty years ago, ten Britons crossed the Channel and made history. For the first time, a team of British cyclists took part in the Tour de France, the most gruelling event in the sporting calendar. It was a struggle beyond their worst imaginings. The riders had little idea of what to expect - many spoke no French; most had never even seen the Tour before - and, eleven days in, the team had been reduced to just two men. Still, those two men would bring British cycling to the attention of the world and make countless friends. Both finished the race. One of them, Brian Robinson, even made the top thirty. As Cycling magazine put it, 'This is indeed a great moment in our sporting history.' Roule Britannia celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of a Briton first completing the Tour, and the half-century of cultural exchange and British cycling's fight for recognition that followed. During those fifty years only two Tours would take place without at least one Briton on the start line, and more than fifty British cyclists have taken part. Through exclusive interviews with and profiles of all those who have competed, William Fotheringham gives us the definitive record of their achievement.