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Are You a Real Cyclist?

Ask Bike Dude
all your questions answered.
if they're the right ones

The Atalaya Witch
almost had his Merlin

Barbie Bell Hell
a true dilemma

Beam Us Up
newsgroup thread

The Belles-Lettres of Blovius
newsgroup thread

A Bike History of Time
yet another version they don't teach in the American South

Bleak House
not Dickens, but close

Born to Destroy
Local Haro

A Cool and Logical Analysis of the Bicycle Menace
as serious as you want it to be

Couch Bike
if your saddle isn't comfy enough

Cycle Lane
'Not Even as Long as Small Cycle'

pretty much sums it up

Cyclists' Apocrypha
fortunately they don't burn heretics anymore

just in case you weren't paying attention in school

A Death in the Family
some folks like to be buried with their cars, too

Diary of a Reluctant Unicyclist
for people who can't afford two wheels

Doing Time
Einstein in a bike store

Doug the Bicycle Courier Finds God at Last
truly epic

Dr Maturin's New Object
ref: Patrick O'Brian

Drat. A Phlat.
probably nobody says 'Drat' anymore. Shame

Felony Flight
cops vs cyclists

The Feng Shui of Mountain Biking
and why not?

For Whom the Bell Tolls
an early draft

why God made bike mechanics

The History of Sophie von A.
sometimes a spoof is just a spoof

How to be Safe

It's in the Stars
enough to make you respect astrologers

The Lactic Acid Express
one for the roadies

The Light Fantastic
dynamo-powered smugness

The Maltese Falcon
cycling for tough guys

what does this mean again, David?

No Helmet for Me, Grazie
at last: a perfectly good reason not to wear a helmet

No One Seems To Care...
that his bike was stolen

The Passion Considered as an Uphill Bicycle Race
tour de Golgotha

The Pedaller's A-Z
standard reference work

The Pharaoh's Bicycle
ride like an Egyptian

A Post-Nuptial Agreement
seems sensible to us, but where's the romance?

Rare Ultra-Lightweight Supra Cycle for Sale
on ebay

The Riding Forth of Mr Hoopdriver
Talk of your joie de vivre

The Romance of Cecilia

The Counterculture to America's love for the automobile.
At least that's what it says on their business card.

A Solstice Story
it's always the season

Splitting Up
relationships take work

Taming the Bicycle
not exactly an exclusive

The Tao of Cycling
Yin, Yang, and Sturmey Archer

Trade Secrets
of course it's a real dialect

Traffic Zoology
a real education

Very Selected Writings
of Carapace Completed Umber

Who's Afraid of Alker Tripp

The Wind in the Willows
Mr. Toad, I presume?

Yes, Gary, There is a Fabrizio
he rides, and rides forever

You Talking to Me?
signs of the times

Zen & the Art of Bicycle Maintenance

for sci-fi fans

500 W Madison
courier in elevator





Ah, Is This Not Happiness?
it's certainly on the list

Alley Cat: Of Sickness and Success
Chapter 9 of The Immortal Class

Access Denied
please trespass

Alfred Jarry: a Cyclist on the Wild Side
the fact that he was French might explain it

All the Little Lies They Tell You

sadly doesn't seem to have caught on

Bicycle Brains
and pedals for feet

watch out for that gleam in his eye

Bike to Work
New York City circa 1970

Bikes Not Bombs
New York City Circa September 11th

The Bill
technology: cheque, please

the Grim Reaper is alarmed

A Bridge Too Far
that's how Brunel built 'em

A Brush with Fame
celebrity spotting

By the Seat of Their Pants
the Wright Brothers

Call it Slaughter
the death of a cyclist

Call That Cycling?
does EVERYone talk to their bike?

Cardigan Crisis
sounds like a particularly English crisis

Chinese Flying Pigeon
certainly more colourful than 'Multitrek'

Come and Get Me, Officer
if you can

Coming Up for Air
pollution stew

A Convivial Life
Ivan Illich

Critical Mass Media
another reason to skip the papers

Cycling as Viewed in Literature
an overview

Cycling in Hell
and loving it

the breed considered

Déjà Vu

Do Cars Really Suck?
let's find out

Do Your Own Thing
we're trying

Don't Hurry; Be Happy
cover version

Don't Sidetrack the Cyclist
on the road

Down the Garden Path
this is what can happen when
you listen to Gardeners' Question Time

Driven by Greed
you get there faster in a car

shifting winds

where will it end

Fending for Yourself
or, Mudguarding for yourself

Food for Thought
there goes the diet

Fool Crisis
fuel crisis. Not

Forward to the Past
da Vinci thought of everything

The Freedom of the City
all it takes is a bike, naturally

Getting Rid of Cyclists
could be a plot by the Freemasons

Global Endings
there's no such thing as global warming. Now pass the suntan lotion

Go for the Money
no more mr nice guy

Going Mobile

Going to the Dogs
when they're not chasing you for their lunch they can be rather pleasant

couriers: cycling a mile in their shoes

How Green was my Green Team
and other Confessions of a Cycling Officer

How to be Alone
in public. In broad daylight

Hands Off
the long arm of the law is a little toooo long

Heading Out of Danger
unless you find helmet debates hazardous

Hidden Lanes
dead space

Highway Code Words
breaking the law in London

Horribly, Britishly, Wrong
still in London

Hot Pursuit
The Escape Artist

How to Ride a Bike Forever
found this one on a wall in Brixton Cycles, London

Instant Personality
hack bikes have it

It Takes Two
love on a tandem. One of our favourite stories

Keeping Track o' Wacko Jacko
we'll leave Michael Jackson alone if he promises to leave us alone

Kicking Back at Fate
being nine, and near-misses

and the Ultimate Man-Machine

Legs & Co.
a little advertising goes a long way

Life Cycle
get your elemental heart applauding

Little Victories
big hills

Looking for Signs
a hitchhiking cyclist

Lousy Samaritans
testosterone poisoning strikes again

Love on a Bicycle
it's built for two, even when it isn't

Machines have Feelings
our Macintosh, for example, lives in a state of perpetual terror

Making Waves

The Man Who Loved Bicycles
That would be Daniel Behrman

Mile-A-Minute Murphy
(almost) faster than a speeding train

for Heinlein fans

No Frills
one way to keep bike thieves at bay

NYPD (Black and) Blue
Theodore Roosevelt's boys on bikes

One That Didn't Get Away
bike stolen then recovered. No, really

Pagan Moon
sun go 'way

Peace Sign

The Pressures of Stardom
recumbents get a look-in

The Quitter
don't look for answers to your disasters

Race Riot
the muddy aftermath

Real Mountain Bikers Wear Skirts
so it's not just the Scottish ones, then

The Real Reasons for Not Cycling
ain't none

Rip Me, Gianna
shaving your face is bad enough

River Road - Still Here
Henry Hudson Drive

Roadie or Not Roadie
going downhill fast

it ain't their fault they're animals

This Way
to useless signs

Urban Cycling
Decide to ride

Roof-rack Cruisers
brought to you courtesy the internet

Royalty and Reality
kings and queens and knights in white castles / all these things are bunk


Signs and Wonders in the Heavens
a wonder indeed

Smaller Hours

The Social Ideology of the Motorcar
it's probably OK for everybody to have a bike, though

Spin City
how some deaths are more equal than others

Staying Cycle-logical
in a world gone car mad

don't run over a black cat

Take it Easy
take a breather

Taken for a Ride
it's easy

Tell Me More About Your Seatpost
wordspotting: anthropophagous

The Texture in the Roads
it's not just tar

Thanks for the Mammaries
It was the obvious title, really

The Theory of BIG
space: the final frontier

Time's Arrow
going backwards

Towards Utopia
also going backwards, for some

define 'normal'

Turning 35 in Edinburgh
not a bad place to have a birthday,
especially if you can get them to
have some fireworks for you

Uncivilised Pleasures
we aren't that kind of site

The Unspeakable in Pursuit of the Unseatable
yes, that Jeremy Paxman

US vs UK
American English

The Virtue of Selfishness
it could be you

Watch the Churn
and sample the sudden silence. You can do both.

Wave Dynamics
waving to other cyclists

What Goes Around
must've been by before

When All the Princes Pedalled
fashion and fancy

When Greenpeace Wins
and the trees breathe a sigh of relief

Why has Everyone Got It In for Cyclists?
easy targets

The Wonder of Almost Nothing
why Goethe would've loved cycling

You and the Night and the Knobbies
love story

10 Things to Look Forward to When the Oil Runs Out
find out what it means to me

The £50 Bike
that would be about $72 at the current exchange rate





A1 Dales

Bad Day at Black Rock
vultures foiled again

A Beginning, a Puddle and and End
Holy Island

The Best and Worst of RAGBRAI
The best and worst of Iowa

Bicycle Haiku
snapshots from a ride across America

The Big Ride
across Britain

Crossing the Pyrenees
Bordeaux to Barcelona

The Chalke Way
legendary coast-to-coast

Christmas in Denmark
involves lots of food

City of Bikes

Coming Home


Desert Storm
cyclists vs the weather

The Dutch Fashion
Amsterdam again

the great British end-to-end

End to End
and again

Fishermen and Flashers
must be something in the water

Hell on Wheels
in a heavenly city

Hollywood, Eire
Irish field of dreams

In Search of Spring
on a bicycle of course

Just Do It
our thoughts exactly

Lenin's Breakdancers
the wild, wild East

Les Anglos
vive la difference

The Long Ride Home
Australia - England

Turkish hospitality

Magical History Tour
through Britain

Mi Madre
his mother

Modena Mode
finally a story about Italy that doesn't mention Campagnolo

My Cheatin' Heart
love, sex, and jealousy in Baja

North to Phongsali
for when you've been everywhere else

The Odyssey
Bodmin Moor

Paradise Found
Scotland, of course

The Penrith Peninsula
out Cornwall way

Playing Chicken,
Central American Style

The Problem with Paradise
is that you have to bring yourself along

Return of the Toxic Avenger
travels in the Garden State

Riding the Joad Road
Oklahoma, of course

Riding the Old Westward Pike
'merica the beautiful

Saharan Margins
bring your camelback

Scenes from a World Tour
a few choice indelible impressions

The Shah and the Wheelman
Around the world on a bicycle

The Slow Road
New Zealand

Source to Sea
the Dovey River in Wales

Steep Thrills
cycling up hills

Tandem to Turkestan
the best we've ever managed on one of those is a block

sometimes spellcheck is worse than useless

Top o' the World to You
on the Friendship Highway

Under African Skies
and baobabs

don't stay at the bottom

The Way to San Jose
yes, there should be an accent mark over the 'e'

Where is Beautiful?
Josie in Japan

The Whisky Trail
Scotland, of course

Wild at Heart
cycling into the back of beyond. Also the name of a movie, no?

Woman Alone
but not for long






Biker Biff
Bob Lafay

Cycling Images of India


Cycle Lane Board Game
Bill Beacham

Neal Skorpen

Dirt Rag
magazine cover art

Dirt Rag
more art

Jef Mallett

Great Moments
in cycling history

Jonny Hawkins

The High Road

Japan on a Folding Bike
a Brompton, as it happens

Jason Patient


Mint Sauce

more cartoons
by Phil Somerville

New Yorker

No Exit

On the Road

Traffic Safety

Urban Roadlife: a Spotter's Guide

Geoff Waugh

A Woman Needs a Man
like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

World of Pain