Random Index


Air-Breathing Today
Ambition, Hill of
Andover, cycling into for tea
Apocalypse, Four Horsemen of the
Australopithecine tricksters
Autophobe, The Memoirs of an
avelopes, to use the clinical terminology
baboons became disorientated
baby on board
barclays as DIY project
balsamic incense
the Beach Boys from Düsseldorf
warm beer
bees, knee of all
Berber flocks
the bicycle-deficient majority
Big Adventure
Bliss, Henry
you can call me Bob
utterly bonkers
Boring, Deep Space
Brunel, Isambard Kingdom
vaguely Buddhist-minded underachiever
California Avenue

caricature, unrecognisable
Catch 22
celestial haymakers
censorious mum
charming purple sparks
charmless artificiality
chattels of men, women as
playing chicken
Coppi tifosi
Coronation Street
couch bike
counterfeit amiability
coxswain's cutter
textbook dawdlers
Dawkins, Richard
delay, the petty tyrannies of
denial, psychologists call it
Des Moines Register
Dewar Dog Daze Parade
a distant yurt
sounds only dogs could hear
Dorf and the Witch
Driving to Earth Day
Dubya Bush, George
ecclesiastical scoff
ecstasies of self-admiration
emperor of the air
ennui, existential
eureka moment, the
fat-tire wedding
feminine insouciance
Ferenghi time
fetish object par excellence
FFP (frightfully famous person)
Fitzgerald, F. Scott
floral-print saddles
you never forget...
the formal dance of traffic
Freak Street
freedom, mobility, power, prestige
Friendship Highway

Gaia, ancient goddess of the earth
gelignite, sweating like
Geller, Uri
golden-skinned and cooperative girls
glook, a/k/a glog
an open glycogen window
Gobi Desert
Goethe, good old
golden flower as a bike name
graffiti, pioneer
skin-suited grandmothers
the gravity boys
how green was my green team
Gregor the safety bicycle
grease monkey, highly skilled
Grim Reaper
a grizzly's picnic
"Guzel, guzel"
hamster, amphetamine-fuelled myopic
Hard Knott Pass
harlots, fully sprung aluminium
Robert Anson Heinlein
helmet, wearing when operating a lawn mower
Henley, an oatmeal-colored
"Hey, Roy!"
hills, annoying pointless
a hippy played a guitar
Houdini, folding bike as
Hyde Park Corner
several lovely hydrating units
ice lollies
industry pockets
infinite highway of the air
intelligible sensitivity
Italian footballers
the junkie-fix of experience
Keynes, Milton
Klein, Calvin, cult of
ley lines
libation vases
lies, damned lies, and statistics
Lincoln, Abraham
linear car parks
London, cyclists breaking the law in
low-wattage bright idea
Lance Armstrong wannabe lumps of 3D waste
lungs, searing
Maenads astray
mesoscale convective complex
Mile-A-Minute Murphy

modern LeStranges
molecules, transmigration of
Mongoose Rockadile

motorist = citizen
much bicycletta
My Little Pony
Naugahyde jumpsuit
Necker cube Illusion
Neolithic, Fred and Betty
neon stuffed sausage
Numb Penis Syndrome
one bike per person, ratio of
Oswald, King
eerie-looking palm trees
some parallel universe
perpetual motion food
perspiring peers

physiognomy, and alternative crank sizing
veritable pistons
marauding pirates.

Pompeiian flurry
Pond's Extract
ever-expanding porridge
deliberate propaganda
purple chainrings
pushy as an Aussie bike
Pygmalion-inspired reverie
Queen of Hearts
Quixote on Rosinante
a rain dance of time-consuming acceleration
rainforest toads, lycra the colour of
a wine-red Raleigh
Ranger Robert
Rantzen, Esther
raths, mome
a Real London Particular
relax, note to self:
Relativistic Bicycle Mechanics
you can always rent
rocking chair, over-rocking a
Ross, Dr., as babe-magnet
no such thing as Safe
Salia, toy-boy of Leonardo da Vinci
Arthur Schopenhauer
a shapely ankle
Siberian Fir essence
Simon the Cyrenian
the skepticism of a skeptical age
slave to your bike, don't be a
a sleepless cosmography
spiders, drowning preferable to being covered in
spiritual high
sporran, sex involving a
Stairway to Heaven
summit of their heads
sweet blessed abegnator
Swiss petite bourgeoisie
taboo, social cycling as a
deadening slogs on tarmic
tasteless American tomato
terra infirma
tiger, tiger, burning bright
time's arrow
Tobacco Road
if you're going to Torrington that way, God help you
true as the most perfect wheel
Tzu, Lao
upgrades, spouse obligated to complete upon death
unborn, bikes as yet
useless, resistance is
utterly alone
velo classique
the Ventoux
a vital necessity
Weavus dramaticus
whippets, chiselled mahogany
whiskey as a corruption of whisky
the white-collar baboon hierarchy
wicker man
a comfortable post-oil Willoughby
Winnebago-bound snowbirds
Woad Rage
the world swept clean
Wynette, Tammy
Xai, Muang
yin and yang
Yossarian the dog
Zen stick
Zippo's Circus
zombies, elves as little green

the 88 earthly sins