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Posted by: the banned
« on: March 07, 2024 »

He's the hairy-headed gent who never did repent
Lately he's been treated awfully unfair
You better stay away from him
Especially if you're dim
Huh, I'd like to meet his tailor

Banned by CycleChat, Cycling UK, and Yet Another Captured Forum: Moe, Larry, and Curly.

Posted by: archy
« on: March 04, 2024 »

oh my sweet summer child
Posted by: Mehitabel
« on: March 04, 2024 »

My understanding is that honesty is the best policy.
Posted by: the banned
« on: March 01, 2024 »

Constant Readers and new lurkers,

There's a post upthread ↑ concerning the moderators at Yet Another Cycling Forum (no relation) doing me the favour of setting me free. Look for 'Bad to the bone'. Just in case you missed it.

As long as I have your kind attention, stay tuned for an exciting new installment of Captain's Blog, which due to recent events is adding more characters than originally planned.

– Harry Kim!
– Jaded! (No promises, but I'm sure I can find a part for him.)
– Cudzo!
– Zilla!
– Pingu!
– Wowbagger! (This is starting to get unwieldy.)
– Zanda (One of the good guys!)
– Ravenbait
– And more! Or fewer.
Posted by: archy
« on: March 01, 2024 »

only the shadow knows

not sure about best show ever
but good for some most excellent dark humour

you cant tell but its 333am
i like the nightlife wind howling words tumbling out
yeats could have written the second coming for you
yet another captured forum
is it true the best lack all conviction while the worst   
are full of passionate intensity
at least half true
Posted by: Gammon
« on: March 01, 2024 »

It’s a Shame Sham
Quote from: HF in a now deleted post
A couple have left so it could be somebody whose cachet was to position themself as a challenger to what they perceived as forum orthodoxy but could not abide any challenge to their, somewhat gammon, views.  Serial flouncer.  They'll be checking in for eulogies, and probably be back at some point as per previous flounces.

Or it could be somebody who at this very moment is bouncing off the walls in his padded cell in a rage.

Who knows.
Posted by: archy
« on: February 29, 2024 »

i call this one welcome to leap year
   though you had to be there for it to make sense
      and even then it doesnt
           except in the context of
                  the tribe abides
                        kinda ironical
considering yacf is igloo to
   some of the most uncool peeps

oh basil i remember you well
from my hospitality tour
acdc sound guy i think
bob dylan poster on boys bedroom wall
alas we parted ways at the fall of acf
never the twain shall meet again
 it aint me babe

pingu is no fan this i know
cant win em all
frankly wouldnt want to

medical dramas aside
feb has been good to me too
despite appearances

Posted by: Mehitabel
« on: February 29, 2024 »

Posted by: the banned
« on: February 28, 2024 »

The thread I started across the road and down in the sub-basement of Politics & Other Big Issues (YACF's non-moderated moderated board with much sound and fury signifying nothing) was locked this morning.

Calling all men mice
Quote from: rogerzilla
I think this has gone far enough, and may have cost us a valued member.

Pretty sure he's not referring to me here, though that would be a nice twist.

Never mind the truth: they can't handle a proper discussion. I also reckon they're irked by anyone who can stay calm despite provocation, that quality being in short supply over there.

Here's an exchange right before the lock:

My first thought was that I had upset Cudzo so much he was out on a ledge somewhere, currently being talked down, which seemed silly except for the timing. At least one other person had announced they were leaving "the group" due to a confrontation with someone else; however, I'd taken that to mean the group that has signed in to see the politics board. It was a head-scratcher, though I wasn't totally surprised, the triggering threshold being quite low at the Y.

In any event, the lock, and the language used, did indeed trigger me: it was like a giant flashing sign saying YOU'RE WASTING YOUR TIME. PLEASE STOP. Thus did I make up my mind to call it quits for good. Having been there, done that before, how could I know I was serious this time?

I just did. And felt at peace with this decision. It was a fitting end,

and OMG it would please my wife, who has long regarded ex-ACFers as a nasty bunch. Hereby resolved, I left in my heart. If only it had stopped there...

There was minor bit of housekeeping: knowing I'd be writing this up, and wanting to add a link to the 'Calling all men' thread for anyone visiting my little corner of the universe so they can easily find it (recreated here), I attempted to click into YACF to retrieve the URL. Too late!

Feel good to finally scratch that itch?

I found this terribly upsetting. You can't do that, I raged. I'm leaving you. [Snopes: False rage fabricated for effect.] Fine, fine. But it's true I was annoyed at myself for having returned, as I already had the address. It's in my browser history for god's sake.

Why did they ban me? Was it for starting that thread? I don't expect to ever know, but if that's the case, wow. Just wow.

This is my first banning where they've stopped me from even viewing the forum, presumably choosing every available radio button and hiring an exorcist for good measure:

It's another mystery why they felt the need to be so draconian, but I do have my theories, including that they seriously want to discourage any lurking and fun for yours truly in the aftermath. Message received.

While I don't agree with my wife that they're all thoroughly wretched – there are an unknown number of good apples – YACF is largely unsalvageable.

Click to see. You know you want to.
A partial list of serial offenders:
- Jaded
- Hot Flatus (Multitool, could that be you? The CycleChat politics board regular who delights in calling people, especially women, cunts?)
- Rogerzilla
- Anyone who ironically revels in the Super-Twat thread and/or cheers on Steph's testerical and ludicrous posts in the trans thread [There Can Be Only One].

There are also a host of dullards like Helen Killjoy (see upthread), but they're mostly harmless. Mostly.

They'd make a great audience for Question Time. (I'm sure some gooduns slip through vetting.)
Not sure there's much in the way of damage control that's necessary ("Why did the OP's name go black?" "Who cares?"), but DARVO to the rescue if necessary, I expect. Am half curious what stories will be spun.

Don't cry for me Argentina. The real injustice is that this wasn't awarded POTD.

PS. Now if I could just get my browsers to stop autocompleting y---. I want YouTube, damnit!

I'm informed that Ian really did quit, tired of tangling with HF. Apparently it looks like I quit too, rather than was pushed. Doesn't really matter to me. Just glad to no longer be contributing to an enterprise with such skewed values.

Posted by: archy
« on: February 28, 2024 »

you cant handle the tooth
Posted by: Mehitabel
« on: February 28, 2024 »

What do you say to a dentist you don't trust?
Posted by: archy
« on: February 28, 2024 »

how dull is helen let me count the ways
she is dull to the depth that she has no depth
has no perceptible soul nor a mind with breadth
should dumb & dumber go looking for dumbest of all
count her in like flynn at that casting call
if golgafrinchan ark fleet ship b needs a captain
well you get the idea she is up for that action
she is totally without a scintilla of grace
when it comes to charm shes without a trace
arts and entertainment are beyond her ken
her barb earned her this from a rusty pen
i could go on and on and on some more
her lack of redeeming qualities being the stuff of lore
but fun as its been it is time to end this
as a parting gift for the short of shrift have a necklace