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Posted by: Hate Monster
« on: May 16, 2024 »

J.K. Rowling has done it again.
Quote from: Nicky Clark
She shared an opinion and for God’s sake woman, when are you going to stop doing that?

In 2019 the “be kind” online brigade had scored a massive victory for egalitarianism by reacting to the author’s supportive tweet of Maya Forstater, (who had just lost her employment tribunal for sharing her woman opinions too) with kind death threats, inclusive rape threats and diversity-supporting abusive tweets about Rowling’s looks and age.

But Rowling was not to be deterred. She selfishly carried on using Twitter after a short break; the online bekinder’s had hopefully believed her absence was their victory for kindness, and she had no doubt spent that time “thinking about what she did” but no, in the pandemic she was back. 

Sure enough, there she was sharing her opinions again, like some kind of actual sentient human being, rather than the trillionaire squared everyone knows she is.

Now, please reader, don’t be fooled by the excuse that she was using her time in lockdown to write a book which she put out for free for frightened children during a unprecedented global pandemic; which was killing millions, keeping us all in our homes, away from friends and loved ones and for which, at that time, there was no reliable treatment or enough PPE.

No, no no no no no NO. Take that fact immediately from your mind and “wash it” on the “alternate fact” cycle for 60 minutes.

The real reason she was online, I can sex-clusively reveal, was an elaborate plan to upset people by reacting to a tweet about a women’s health awareness raising campaign, which was notable for not actually mentioning women at all.

I want to quote the whole horrifyingly hilarious thing, but better stop there.

Might as well dust this off while I'm at it...

Almost forgot – who's up for a bit of genocide?

Posted by: Hate Monster
« on: April 10, 2024 »

Hate Monster is sad because, thanks to Mama Cass, fewer children are likely to be gobbled up and spit out by best mate Gender Ideology Monster.

Quote from: Sex Matters
we regard some of the terminology that Cass uses on occasion – cisgender, assigned at birth, and calling boys who identify as girls “trans females” – as inaccurate, unscientific and confusing. But that does not detract from the many important points she makes in this groundbreaking report.
Posted by: Hate Monster
« on: March 26, 2024 »

There was a man with flowing locks
His closet filled with tartan frocks
Commando style his preference
Although it didnae make much sense;
If the wind kicked up you'd see
The truth of his anatomy.

You may try to guess his gender
Guess wrong and voilà: offender
If you're not the favoured caste
Your liberties aren't bound to last.
Monsters don't live 'neath your bed
They live wherever freedom's dead.
Posted by: Humbug
« on: March 25, 2024 »


Voltaire is dead
he died in bed
with Jesus' sock
upon his cock

But wait, you say
Jesus weren't there
but anyroad
his feet were cold
Posted by: Hate Monster
« on: March 24, 2024 »

My màthair named me after Alba

or would've if she'd spoken ɡælɪk. She'd never been (and I didn't stay; sorry ma). I've always had a romantic notion of the place

Don't eat the food though

and was thrilled on my first visit back when Humza was a pup. Some of my most memorable cycling has been above the border.

Next time I'll bring my skis

The Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 coming into effect on my very birthday* is a horrific abuse of state power, and makes me ashamed to be a former Scott.

The Critic
Quote from: Nina Welsch
The puerility of the [Hate Monster] is so audacious, I wonder if whoever dreamt him up was consciously trying to make him beyond parody...

Genuinely bigoted people obviously exist but this a law that will silence dissent, not tackle actual life-threatening crime. There is no endemic problem with “hate” within the Scottish electorate, however you wish to define it. There is however endemic contempt amongst the institutions that govern us.

A selection of posts from that bastion of fermented disgust, Mumsnet's feminism board:
Quote from: ÉowynsSword
There's a children's book called Barbara throws a wobbler and I think this must be what they've based the hate monster on. Well that and a programme called Love Monster on cbeebies (let's reverse it!) plus bits of the muppets. Is the person who made the campaign basically a knackered parent of toddlers???!

In the book Barbara has a massive tantrum and a big giant red wobbler appears above her head which grows and grows, until she learns to control her emotions and shrinks it back down.

I didn't think a book intended for 2 year olds or a cbeebies programme would be used as inspiration for a campaign to sell a shit law to a whole population of adults.

Quote from: ArabellaScott
You know what matters is not that a specific phrase or word or view is deemed unsayable but that the current discussion is on 'what can we say' and 'what can't we say'. There seems to be a tacit implication that there are some thoughts it's beyond the pale to think, or voice, and we're discussing the fine points of where that line should be, and I don't recall us ever having that conversation, as a nation.

This is not Mao's China and we are protected by the UNDHR, our freedom to think and speak is protected. We can't have that freedom chopped up into tiny pieces and replaced with approved attitudes.

Quote from: Datun
He [Humza Yousaf] added that the freedom to criticise, insult and offend “exists and should be treasured"

Ah Schrödinger's insult! Is it a hate crime, or is it a treasured freedom?

Quote from: WallaceinAnderland
This law seems impossible to define or police. It will probably either come to nothing at all, or there will be mass vexatious reporting. Who knows. Once the hate monster is unleashed, they may be no controlling it.

Quote from: Froodwithatowel
the logical and obvious outcome of this, should it actually happen as opposed to end up in total farce and be laughed out of existence before it happens.... is that obviously people will avoid, like mad, having to take the risk of being around or interacting with those from groups known to be hovering with one finger on the fast dial report button, with a very distorted view of their own entitlements and realities and a very low capacity to cope with other people. It will be the main defense of the general public; to just stay the hell out of Dodge...

And as we see on this board constantly, and on X, and at rallies however, there is nothing more than some of the most vocal, verbally aggressive and reality-optional activists appear to find harder than women not being present and giving them attention. I'm not sure this is going anywhere sunny and glittery for anyone.

Hatey gone 404

Quote from: ArabellaScott
Internet hate crime offenders are not limited by national or international boundaries.

Many sites carrying messages are hosted in countries outside the UK where their content may be protected by laws, such as safe guarding free speech under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. This means that the hosts are not willing to pass on user information without a USA Court order, which is not attainable for a majority of hate crime reports the police receive.

NACF is hosted in the USA. Just thought that worth mentioning.

*If you can choose your sex, surely you can choose your b'day.