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Title: Welcome
Post by: sam on July 30, 2019
Been there, done that (

Free for All?
The name was half inspired by C.P. Scott: “Comment is free, but facts are sacret. (” Outside of a newspaper or a serious discussion, I’m not a stickler for the latter, having once published a magazine “dedicated to the proposition ( that fiction is just another kind of fact which fortunately doesn’t have to be verified.”

A forum by definition is a group of people. Ergo, NACF is not a forum. There is, however, space for one. You can reply to posts on the Freewheeling blog, or start your own topics here as a supplement to Facebook or other diversions. (

I'd be interested in stories, rambling or otherwise; memorable accounts of rides; and lovely photography hosted on a stable platform (Imgur ( seems good) so it won't disappear. Really though, anything in keeping with the ambience.

Is there a catch?
There is: Catch-22. That's when you want to talk but are waiting for the crickets to shut up.

'Cycling Plus' – isn't that already taken?
Yes, just not very well. ( Do they run articles about rabbits, ( for example? Document plot lines of Star Trek? ( Pay their writers for wild flights of fancy? ( (OK, they did once.) I rest my case.

site mascot and co-administrator (

I wanted a new strapline and decided not to reinvent the wheel. At any rate, turnabout is fair play. I used to have a site called BikeReader (; somewhere out of the ether, Future Publishing plucked the name BikeRadar. I'm not saying it would hold up in court.

Do you really expect to see a forum here?
I’ve seen things you wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in charge. An app ( that does absolutely nothing, and does it well. In short, no. But you never know.*

Ex Machina (

So far.

I have actually achieved perfect equilibrium between not caring if anybody new ever washes up on these shores, and being ready to throw a party if they do. Ambivalence is intrinsic to my nature.

It's possible I’m better off on my own. But don’t let that stop you from posting. (See what I mean?)

Who are you?
Sam I am. ( The tumbleweed on the right. Stay tuned. (

Title: Desert island discussions
Post by: sam on August 09, 2019
Does adversity always make a better story?

( (

Full steam ahead
Imagine you've just come home from the perfect storm for a cyclist: SMIDSY by WVM, knocked over to land at the feet of a disapproving pedestrian complaining you're on the pavement. Does venting about it online actually help? Or does it just power an endless loop? (For the record, I typically let motorists know I'm unhappy by giving their rearview mirror a sad shake no: "Bad motorist!")


Do Statler & Waldorf have box seats in your head, too?
Anybody who feels the need to heckle will have to stand in line.


The selfie ( challenge
Post the first selfie out of your image capturing device. The honour system must apply, or society breaks down.


Laws, from most to least obeyed
Starting with traffic laws, then perhaps moving on to murder, mayhem, etc.


Motorcyclists: Spawn of Satan?
Such a shame. A motorcycle is, on the face of it, a great idea. (


Fill the Bestiary (


Mark Carney: Charlatan
Inspired by the Bank of England clueless thread. ( Though this particular empty suit is almost gone, allah be praised.


Best movie featuring bikes ever?
Strike that. I've made up my mind ( and it's not for changing.


What did Simon say that got deleted ( by The Guardian?
Could work as a contest.


Do you have a Lits list? (
Spot does. (
(And no, he really doesn't care about the difference between the internet and the web.)


Caption it
I would, ( but I've got a thousand other captions to write first


Who has better incentives, Facebook ( or NACF (


Does what goes around come around?