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Title: Where do the hours go
Post by: sam on September 19, 2019
Late enough last night to qualify as early this morning, I got an email from Australia. It was a guy I’d met on the Simple Machines Forum, makers of this software, announcing his availability to help with a few technical issues. These included getting text wrap to work on my old site (I can’t imagine many people go there, ( but damnit I didn’t want them not to have text wrap), and making photos responsive/scalable.

I had planned to go on a night ride, (


but stuck around for the work, which expanded to some other fixes and fripperies, like board colours.

Forums are an old hobby. NACF is more or less a blog. This software is like a comfy saddle.

I’ve been happy with a single board for a long time: the user-to-board ratio seemed entirely appropriate. Once you can paint them, you can’t just have one though, can you. Anyway, it’s nice to spread out a little.
Title: Catch-22
Post by: sam on September 23, 2019
The new phone friendliness feels like a rolling out of the red carpet. How about a FAQ, for the cherry on top?

That’s never going to come out – fortunately, nobody’ll notice

Herewith a shortlist of things I’d be asking, if I didn’t already know the answers:

Why do this? Verily I say unto you, for the fun of it.

Do you believe in miracles?
I’ve seen things you wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson in charge. An app ( that does nothing, and apparently does it well. In short, no.

I do believe in Catch-22: there are potential users out there who want to talk, but are waiting for the crickets to shut up.

Cycling plus – isn't that already taken?
Yes, just not very well. ( Do they run articles about rabbits, for example? Document plot lines of Star Trek? ( Pay their writers for wild flights of fancy? (OK, they did once.) ( I rest my case.

site mascot and co-administrator

What’s next?
Who knows. I might listen to the crickets for a while.


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