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Title: BINGO
Post by: sam on August 07, 2019
Literally every Mumsnet thread about cycling*
Specially tailored to help stabby mums deal with the cycling menace.


*Am I Being Unreasonable ( to exaggerate?
Title: Not so ineffably irked
Post by: fishwifenet on June 22, 2020
Here we go again. ( And again. ( And again. ( Poll added to validate wisdom by consensus.

Although I'm not entirely without sympathy for spokeinthewheel,

My other username is pumpinthespokes

the constant carping about cyclists gets – what's the word for it? – boring.

The truth, it burns

For a site fired by the righteous indignation of sexism, Mumsnet never lets a stereotype go unperpetuated. Why is taking up cycling in (hopefully) one's middle ages always a "crisis"? Isn’t trying new things a good thing?


PS. Colorful historical reading (
PPS. There are few better time killers than AIBU.