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Title: CycleChăt
Post by: anothersam on January 20, 2020
Signs we’re living in the future ( The calendar.
Title: Distractions
Post by: sam on January 21, 2020

Enjoy listening to music whilst riding ( ticks all the boxes:
□ Half apologetic admission
□ It’s OK if you only use one earphone
□ Self-preservation
□ Need all your senses (
□ Ah, the music of the bike
□ The bone conduction loophole
□ Birdsong

There's an art to life's distractions (
Title: Some disassembly required
Post by: sam on January 22, 2020
Things You've Learnt From Fettling ( is useful, which it’s fair to say is not in our mission statement here at NACF. The proverb

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

was destined to make an appearance or two. Or three. If what's broke isn't obvious, it becomes almost a metaphysical question. This was particularly poignant:

Having nearly always ( built up my bikes myself, I'm finding it hard to come to terms with the new, complete bike. I have an urge to take it to bits and re-assemble it just to reassure myself.

I'm not sure that's entirely about the bike.

Title: Clever mike
Post by: sam on January 23, 2020
This Super-light road bike ( looks as if it could've been made on a 3D printer, from composited drool. That my first thought was "Why all those unnecessary weighty gears?" was a reminder that my entirely singlespeed stable makes me something of an outlier.

After riding the fixed, ( it's always pleasant to go with gears & a freewheel. Mind you, after gears & a freewheel, I always find fixed to be a pleasant change.

It's starting to look like I'm stalking Ian H. (
Title: Blues Brother
Post by: sam on January 24, 2020
Beer? ( Raise one to Belushi, born 71 years ago(!) today.

Title: Ride in colours
Post by: sam on January 25, 2020
This selection from Aboard the Bike ( reprinted with the permission of Roff Smith. (




Title: Ride in colours, part II
Post by: sam on January 25, 2020
What makes you most happy about your bike? ( There's a question ( inside the question, but I'll refrain from analysis and simply express my admiration for anyone who offers up their frame for a paint job, points to the Pantone chart, and says “I'll have that.”

Title: Brexit (You’re a Fine Mess)
Post by: sam on January 31, 2020
Sung to the tune of

There’s a man voted to remain (
But the country didn’t vote that way
And so he drinks to forget that day
It will not go away.

He sheds a tear for what might have been
If all the fools had only listened*
They could’ve stayed, stayed in
The EU’s warm embrace.

Boris said “Brexit, oven-ready (oven ready)
“What a good deal it will be” (it will be)
“Each night I thank my majority.”**

*prosody in action
**pushing it?
Title: Ect
Post by: sam on February 01, 2020
Changing the nature of a book by changing its title by *one letter* (

Henesis - The chicken came first
Exobus - The Children of israel hail a number 29 to get around the Red Sea
Beviticus - The 10 commandments of drinking
Humbers - The story of the little-known North Sea branch of the Hebrews
Neuteronomy - The invention of a third grammatical gender removes sexism from the world for ever

That's the Pentatouch* covered. Selected books from the New Testament:

Fatthew - The first diet book: a bloody one, as it recommended just cutting it off with a terrible swift sword
Bark - Man's best friend would like a word
Nuke - God threatens to take back His promise and His rainbows and push the button
Cohn - Roy Cohn offers up communists to Pontius Pilate
Ects - Ancient misspelling of "etc."
Womans - Empowering chick lit ( no Madonnas or whores here

Mary struggles to be contrary (

Cor!nthians - Book of surprises
Thespalonians - Paul watches a bad production of Grease and writes a critical letter to the director
Yebrews - Pub crawl through the otherwise dry desert
Japes - Jesus' brother James loved to play practical jokes, trying his patience
Dude - For there lived in the land of Canaan a dude, and the dude did abideth
Revelution ( - A new bike shop opens in the promised land with a bang

* Literally "five touches", a reference to getting your money's worth in Sodom and/or Gomorrah
Title: Whoop
Post by: sam on February 03, 2020
A bit of a triumph (

Adam B
Adrian C
Andrew Br
Andrew By
Andrew F
Andrew H
Andrij B
Anna D
Anne H
Anne M
Arthur C
Bruce R
Carl P1
Charles E
Charlie B
Charlie J
Charlie M
Chris B
Chris S
Chris W
Claudine C
Clive B
Clive P
Dan P
Daniel A
Dave F
Dave J
David C
David H
David P
Davy S
Diana J
Dr John B
Ejaz R
Frank P
Gail G
Gary J
Georgios V
Gordon P
Graham P
Grahame D
Greg S
Howard K
Iain C
Ian At
Jenny M
Jeremy C
John E
John M
John S
John T
Julie G
Kai N
Kim W
Lee T
Mark G
Martin F
Martin T
Martin W
Mary L
Michael A
Mick B
Mick D
Mike E
Mike M
Miranda S
Nick L
Nigel Cri
Olaf S
Peter D
Peter M
Rachel S
Rachel W
Rebecca O
Rob H
Ross C
Sandra S
Selena M
Sig E
Sonia W
Stephen T
Stephen W
Steve R
Steve W
Stuart A
Stuart G
Susana L
Susie F
Tacey L
Thom F
Tim H
Tim O
Titus H
Xi C
(The days of the list) (

I am in Brixton Cycles to meet the The Rube 2. I think she looks like a Victorian bathing suit. She is so brassy and red. But my! She’s a smoothy.
We take her to Paris, to Normandy, to Southwold, to Wittering, to Chichester, to Wiltshire, to Spain and to Belgium. She goes on trains and trams and A roads and B roads. She rattles over bridges, under bridges, by canals, by the sea, by the moon. She takes me down a dozen of those sinewy lanes. She listens to stories of Bataville and Princess Margaret. She splits her wheels and gets repaired. Someone washes her down and oils her up and puts 120 into her tyres.
We take her out to meet the kids.
‘oh here’s my Mum and Simon, they go night riding. She’s well fit’
Whoop (

Danke Schoen (
Title: Disreputable
Post by: Thunderbolt on February 04, 2020
How many still here from the old C+ Forum days? (

Don't feed the troll. (

This old home week thread is chiefly of interest due to an astonishing confession from a practitioner of the sock puppet arts. Not me, ( silly. Moving right along...

credit: segamiytteg

How about a poll ( about which is the best cycling forum run by disaffected CycleChat members?

In the act of drawing on me, the man with no name was presumably referring to Cycling Related, ( a genuine splinter forum. There's no competition. Unlike Joan, I don’t insist on my members having a pulse.


Ever since 10 things great about you ( turned into something more like "Fun ( and friendly? ( Not so effing fast", CycleChat has held a special place in what you might call my affəctions. I go; but I can't stay.

Agony Guy likes this (
Title: The Departed
Post by: bikeforumsnob on February 06, 2020
"A forum is its people," people used to say on Another Cycling Forum. Which people, I always wondered at the time: the ones here now, or shall we include those yet to arrive? (I worried about cliques, a wall of friends.) It's true that without wetware, you immediately lose the right to call yourself a forum.

A forum is its software. The interface itself may attract or repel those you do or don’t wish to contribute, or so I've imagined. A site without likes and trophies

star quality (

is going to be different than one with them. There are actually vanishingly few users who are bothered, and bothered pragmatists just get on with it. Still, I believe those sorts of things are agents of change, generally not in a good way. Not getting as much validation as your mates? You must be doing something wrong!

A forum is its moderation. While CycleChat has shed many users over the years through natural attrition, others have been banned or jumped or were essentially pushed. That I can feel the loss of those who were a net gain, even as someone not that plugged into the place, brings me back to "a forum is its people."

Call me a bikeforumsnob. As an inveterate talent scout, it used to frustrate me that I couldn’t scoop up people with the right stuff and deposit them into clearly classier digs; and that those who had crossed the road seemed inexplicably to be unwilling to settle in. Or so I once posted ( in a roll call of our own departed.

I like talking about forums, but have nobody to talk about them with, which rather leaves me in a pickle. That’s all I really wanted to say today.

off to find a forum about pickles
Title: Sweet and sour
Post by: Cookie Monster on February 08, 2020
I did a century ride today ( that was sponsored by a local club, and at each of the rest stops they had pickles out with the usual snacks (bananas, pretzels, cookies etc)…

Though I like the crisp cool crunch of a cucumber which has changed identity, it doesn’t appeal as a ride pick-me-up.

At the risk of spending too much time on the subject of pickles, I am also reminded of Crossing Delancey:

(Spoiler: Happy ending.)

Here’s a map of my tongue ( showing how the taste buds are apportioned: