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Title: Just the facts
Post by: sam on May 15, 2012
Name: Sam (
Are you sure about that?: Pretty sure (
Age: Aquarius (
Marital status: I still do (
Nationality: Applying for asylum in Canada (
Languages: English with a smattering of French (
Allergies: Scratchy labels inside clothes
Greatest fault: Hidden depths
Bonus fault: Overly fond of Star Trek references
Subscriptions: None, though I may pick up The Leeds Leek ( if I find one on the train
Hobbies: Reading (or not (, travel (, psychiatry (, photographic interpretation services, (


casting horoscopes, ( writing FAQ (, and obviously, posting

Bicycle census: Latest count (
Cycling CV: E2E1 (, E2E2 (, Ditchling Beacon x3 ( (then x5 ( and other great British hills (, freewheeler
Charter member of Cyclists Anonymous (
Unexplained employment gap: Those years spent as a columnist ( for cycling magazines
Worst off: Getting off my bike to help at an accident scene (

What the papers ( will say: "He wasn't wearing a helmet (, didn't have his hands on the handlebars (, and had Dylan ( turned up too loud on his iPod. While any of those could have killed him instantly, it was actually the bottle of champagne that slipped from the hand of a passenger in a Virgin balloon ( that dispatched him."


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