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Title: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on April 24, 2021

Well, now I want ter say a big fank you ter Chompsky fer indulgin me thoughts thus far, wiv me guest posts in yer rabtastic mm-mm-mm ( blog. I reckon we av got at least 3 readers at this point, an that is not includin the P.A.   

Since I can actcherly count up ter 3 (apologies ter Richard Adams, but I'm workin on it) I fink this is a good moment fer furver reflection. 

We av explored sum ideas ov langwich ( an logic ( an now I would like ter run sumfing a bit controversial innit, avin sort ov covered the bases. But I don't wanna go off on one yet. I want ter seek sum feedback from the luvverly readers first becos then it is more interactive innit - which is nice.

On the one hand I mite do the weird an wunderful subjec ov religion, an on the uvver hand I mite do the many-faced world ov pollyticks.

An fank you readers fer yer most innerestin contributions an all the uvver stuff!
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: sam on April 24, 2021
Genuinely 50/50, I had to flip a coin.


To ensure the ultimate of accuracy, I went with the best of three. Heads (“In God We Trust” - religion, of course) won.
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on April 24, 2021
Hmmm - wiv 3 sides ter every coin yer could've got a tie.

Heard the one about doubtin Thomas?
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: sam on April 25, 2021
You mean that guy from Missouri? (
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on April 25, 2021
Actcherly I wos finkin more ov this bloke ( -


I don't fink this is a spoiler becos tho me views on religion will natcherly include a bit ov the local hegemony I am takin a broader view innit. I am rarver keen on the funk parallels.

Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Oliver Cromwell on April 25, 2021
Thank you for allowing us to vote, though if it were my poll I would be wary of extending the franchise beyond Puritans.
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on April 26, 2021
Knucks Oliver!

I see yer annuvver poor geezer wot's avin a bit ov trouble wiv the 'lockdown barnet'. This is one ov the advantages ov bein a rab.

Rabs in general don't make an habit ov votin per se - we av uvver meffods. Owever fer the duration ov this poll I am willin ter 'go wiv the flow'. If it wos an extremely complicatered choice like punks v. hippies v. soulboys or sumfing I mite av more reservations.
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Ludwig Wittgenstein on April 26, 2021
I have added Get Lucky to my playlist.
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on April 27, 2021
Wotcha Ludwig,

I am rarver intrigued by yer contribution. I ope yer don't mind if I indulge in a little thought experiment. Assumin that yer voted, wot is a reasonable assumption, statisticly speakin, then I kno that yer voted 'religion' innit.

Therefore I fink we can conclude eivver a) yer a provocateur b) yer possess a curiosity about stuff wot is immaterial or c) sum uvver possibly random element is at work. I would need furver evidence ter make a punt at which - care ter elaborate?
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Mary Wollstonecraft on April 27, 2021
I can't speak for Ludwig, but we did have a curious encounter in The Slaughtered Lamb last night which may or may not shed light on this.

It started when he took the stool next to me at the bar. "Knock-knock," he said.

"Who's there?" I answered, playing along almost against my will.

"Ludwig," he said.

This was already getting tired, but at least we were on the home stretch. "Ludwig who?"

At this point he twirled around on his stool in what I presumed was as a wind-up to his killer punch line, then toppled over, jostling the man next to him and causing him to spill part of his drink. That was Audubon, who had earlier bragged to his wingman that he could "pull a bird" (guess who) in no time then promptly struck out.

I helped Ludwig up and he dusted himself off. "So a horny orinthologist, a protofeminist, and an analytic philosopher walk into a pub," he then offered, somewhat bewildering me. At this Audubon, having been glaring into his half empty glass and now primed for a fight, took exception and suggested the two meet in the parking lot.

"How many owls does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" said Ludwig by way of reply. The entire pub fell silent, whether by coincidence or because they were genuinely intrigued, I'll never know. He then donned Audubon's hat and walked out. Audubon glared at his back but made no move to follow, nonplussed and perhaps disarmed by the man's inscrutableness.

The bartender examined the stein he was polishing. "Isn't that the bloke who once suggested a serious and philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes?"

It's true, I'd read that. Was his string of half-witticisms a provocative philosophical experiment? A comment on the human condition? Or plain old forgetfulness? The bartender shrugged his shoulders: "Beats me."

Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on April 28, 2021
Oh dear Mary, I av got so much ter say about this, but I will try ter keep it brief. Judgin from his piccy Ludwig's smirkin is unnatcherly twisted innit? I fink he's avin a bit ov a wind-up. Any which way when 3 peeps go in a pub these days that is not joined up finkin.

I don't fink yer should be owlin at all when yer screw in a light bulb eivver unless yer wirin is a bit dodgy.
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Kurt Gödel on April 28, 2021
The brain is a computing machine connected with a spirit. Religion, please.
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on April 28, 2021
Ooh, err, it's head ter head!

Fank you fer votin an keepin it simple Kurt. Mine's a rum please!
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Alice B. Toklas on April 30, 2021
Sure. We always keep some on hand for Papa.
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on April 30, 2021
Cheers Alice! That would be old man Steptoe I presume?


One ov the P.A.'s heroes actcherly, judgin by the amount ov stuff pilin up round this house.
Ere he is in annuvver incarnation. (

I av decided ter put a limit ter the amount speculation on my future musins, becos I don't want you luvverly peeps ter get bored waitin fer the outcome an go off the boil innit. So we will av eivver a) best ov 11 or b) wotever wins by May 1st - high noon GMT - followed by THE WINNING POST (
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Calamity Jane on May 01, 2021
High noon is a good time for pulling the trigger.
Title: Re: The P.R. poll
Post by: Humbug on May 01, 2021
An the winner is... Pollyticks! ( Ere we go, give us a few secs ter get it up...

Incidentally I av discovered that BBC Radio 4 an the internet as we kno it disagree by sumfing like 2 seconds. I do ope they can reach a reconciliation soon.