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Close encounters
« on: June 30, 2019 »
I was trying out a new light - actually an old one found hibernating in the loft yesterday - and it must have worked pretty well, because I spotted this little guy early one morning:

He was a willing enough model. After putting away my camera camera (which I started carrying after being stuck with a phone camera for an encounter with a pair of runaways last month), I went back to check on his progress. When he wasn't immediately visible, I became horrified that I had rewarded his patience by squashing him. Fortunately not. So I helped him across the road, which must seem like an ocean of tarmac on that scale. He wee’d* on my cycling glove, possibly in gratitude.

It reminded me of another King Kong encounter:

I don't recall the circumstances, though that looks like a gardening glove.

* Past tense of wee is woe, according to one wag on the web


Mind the gap
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Obvious caption


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Q: Why did the badger cross the road?
A: To laugh at me from behind the hedge as I fumbled to get my camera out of the saddlebag in time. As if I ever had a chance.


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Another early morning hopper, outside my front door then off on a jungle adventure.

What can I say, I’m fond of creatures that wouldn’t have required the services of Eadweard Muybridge. Here he is again, some weeks later, also calling at home:

We're not even related! Don't be toadist. Do we all look the same to you?


Three badger night
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Could it be…?

Yes, caught you!

Not exactly wildlife photographer of the year stuff. Even though I had a camera reasonably handy, it wasn’t quite handy enough.

Actually a four badger night, two of whom were caught mid-assignation in the middle of the road.


Not a llama
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Alpaca not impressed with my camera's hunt for focus.

A few mornings later, watching the sunrise and his charges.

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Going about their business as I went about mine behind a hedge on a ride yesterday:

Ladybird = Ladybug in the US
Waldo = Wally in the UK

Close encounters
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Found this guy keeping company with my bikes in the shed.

Close encounters
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At around 3.30 this morning I heard a loud, persistent scratching. At first I thought it was Chompsky, but he was at peace (if now keen for breakfast seeing as I'd just woken him up: way too early little guy!). So I stuck my head out the window…

and caught a badger attacking the base of the tree right in front of our house. He gave me a searching look then got back to work.

A wasp flew in. I shooed him out and grabbed a camera, hoping to record Mr Badger.

No such luck

Another wasp breezed into the living room, quickly followed by three of his mates. I could dimly see them swarming around the badger, who had evidently disturbed a nest.

First things first. I hustled Chompsky out of the room, which he wasn't at all happy about, and dealt with the wasps. Then I got dressed and went outside, gathered a fistful of handy stones, and threw them at this newest agent of destruction. Fortunately this was enough to deter it.

The tree is now in a bad way and may have to come down.

Grim reaper – you rang?

Here's a squirrel to make up for the lack of a picture of the badger.

What no caption for me?