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Here's how to make NACF sit up and really take notice. Sorry to shout! It's in case you're on a phone.

If you just want to browse, clicking on the big mobile phone above or the little one at the bottom of the front page should do the trick for now, but it may default back to the desktop version the next time you stop by. To ensure it’s always in the right format, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Register. (I'll wait.)

2. Click on Profile, after which you'll see an option to modify it.

3. Click on Look and Layout, then change the current theme to Ant's Mutant Curve.

That's it.

The place won't look quite the same, but it will be friendlier to your phone, complete with a serving of hamburger.

clearly the vegetarian option


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I wasn't even aware of that guest link until very early this morning, when the designer of the new theme told me about it after a session of tinkering to rival the one that put the squiggle into anothersquiggleforum.

Compare with the desktop version, which link I’m providing in case you've clicked up yonder and want to come back, as the new one kind of grabs you and doesn’t let go without a hard refresh.

Some of the differences are probably so small you’d need to have them pointed out so you could say “Oh, right,” then roll your eyes properly. When weighing my personal aesthetics against vastly* increased usability, it’s a no brainer.

It actually turns out a recent fix to allow for scalable pics made posts somewhat phone friendly, without my even knowing about it. So the old site is indeed now legible on a small screen – the posts at least. The index pages and menus, not so much.

* About that vastly. Turns out not so much as regards links, at least using Safari on an iPhone; links are harder to read against that background, as they aren't underlined... will fix, if possible.

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