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3 to 5
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First stop on this nocturnal tour: the station

Bit of a wait till the first train

"Can you tell me who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980? It would assist me greatly in the preparation of my post.
"Julian Assange? Really?"

Handy changing booth for Bikeman

The level crossing salute

They mean it

How did you know?

Must... resist... adding Beatles

Green light district

Pitches sold separately

What goes around

Click to see stripes in action (no, his name isn't Stripes)

Penthouse with excellent transport links

Pity they removed their digital sign

Requires a healthy bank balance

Parked outside the Green Man's estate

My hands on the brake levers cast shadows that look like a giant pair of hands about to grab me. It’s  freaky. I couldn’t get a picture of that, so here’s this.

F is For sale

It's not just £££ dear country, it's deer country

For King and Country

Found you

What could this intriguing key possibly open?

I shall report myself to Mumsnet

Cycle Doctors surgery

This is a view I get a lot

Goodnight lune