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Lits list
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Lits = Life is too short. These are personal lists: it's not meant to be a Room 101 "where the bad things go" compilation. I will start mine with a tripartite noun, which is to say, a person, a place, and a thing.

God's gift to hairdressers?

Dreher Rod Dreher
I've given him the Bond treatment because as a columnist for The American Conservative, his surname appears like a brand on the front page. Dreher specialises in skewering what he considers to be rampant wokeness. He's deeply Christian, and most of his observations are through that lens. I judged him worth reading, partly because I disagree with him so often. The more thoughtful of his commentariat have been a bonus.

I visit TAC because, although I never pictured myself as conservative, I find that a) in some ways I am, so what, and b) they seem to allow a wider range of opinion than many liberal sites.

What earned Dreher a spot on my list – actually, he was the genesis of the idea – was his recent piece Wokeness Drives Latino Student To Trump. He often highlights emails he’s recieved. This one concerned a man uncomfortably taking part in a seminar, who mentioned the following:
Allow me to give a bit more context. I am a libertarian with traditional leanings...

...The moderator of my circle looks exactly like a model SJW. Not quite Trigglypuff, but pretty damn close. Sort of overweight woman, hairy arms (and face), a PhD candidate in some grievance studies field.

This prompted me to submit what may have been my first ever comment to the site (as well as a rebuttal to the linked-to reply which apparently didn't meet with the approval of the moderator), but what particularly struck me was the fact that the follicly unchallenged Dreher had uncritically reprinted that passage in the first place, and stayed silent when others complained as well.

I'm not a delicate flower, and women, hairy or otherwise, don't need me to defend them from libertarians who consider themselves to be ultimate truth tellers. Still, I felt objection was worth lodging (and should've on other points as well - the correspondent didn't deserve a pass on belittling people with mental illness). The episode left an unpleasant aftertaste. One of Dreher's jobs is to set the tone. Why am I spending time in the company of creeps? I finally asked myself, the answer being, I'm not anymore.

Does Yacf count as a place?

Fine, ignore my stoic toads, my beautiful slug, my immaculately coiffed alpaca. But I ask you, does it not take hearts of stone to refrain from congratulating me on capturing a badger?

Rainy rides
We’re not talking a pleasant light rain, noncommittal and hitching a lift on a summer breeze. We’re talking hard time in hard rain, possibly lasting hours, wet enough that it takes less than a minute to get drenched. I’ve cycled many miles in such conditions, either because I was trying to get somewhere, or I wasn’t going to let raindrops falling on my head and trickling inside my waterproofs be the boss of me. Everything dries, right?

The last time I did this was on the road to Eastbourne; in fact I was so consigned to the inevitable that I felt damp going into it, having prematurely attained that state of sodden but almost gleeful acceptance (the glee lasts until the chills set in).

I no longer wish to be rebaptised into the congregation of the spoked wheel.

I reserve the right to change my mind

later additions...

Enough already.

It’s been on-again off-again, with good reason, for a long time.

coda #64:
When I get older losing my hair
Many years from now
Will I be regretting leaving CycleChat
Somehow I doubt it’ll come to that.

We'll see. Still belongs on the list though.

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A fitting epitaph.