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« on: February 14, 1986 »
What would you call your autobiography?

Does adversity always make a better story?

Full steam ahead
Imagine you've just come home from the perfect storm for a cyclist: SMIDSY by WVM, knocked over to land at the feet of a disapproving pedestrian complaining you're on the pavement. Does venting about it online actually help?

Laws, from most to least obeyed

How does this bus make you feel?

click here to catch the last one

Motorcyclists: Spawn of Satan?
Such a shame. A motorcycle is, on the face of it, a great idea.

Mark Carney: Charlatan
Inspired by the Bank of England clueless thread. Though this particular empty suit is almost gone, allah be praised.

Best movie featuring bikes ever?
Strike that. This has already been decided.

If you could go back in time and change one meaningless thing, what would it be?
For example, I'd stop myself from watching Quicksilver [see Rule #15], released on this day in 1986. It might not be too late for you!

Do Statler & Waldorf have box seats in your head, too?
The queue starts behind them.

The selfie challenge
Post the first selfie out of your image capturing device. The honour system must apply, or society breaks down.

Out your inner beast

Caption it
I would, but I've got a thousand other captions to write first

Who has better incentives, Facebook or NACF?

Does what goes around come around?