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Know then thyself, presume not God to scan
The proper study of Mankind is Man.
Placed on this isthmus of a middle state,
A Being darkly wise, and rudely great

wrote Alexander Pope in heroic couplet a nearly incalculable number of generations before I was born, for as you can see, I am Leporidae, and our family crest is two rabbits getting it on, De duobus, multis. To know me is to love me, or so claim my housemates. Which is nice of them.

Deep self-reflection isn’t one of my recorded behaviours,

but researchers don’t really have a clue what I’m thinking about when I’m sitting in my favourite chair

staring at my other favourite chair.

Hint: I’m not pondering Chomsky’s theory of universal grammar (ug). Chances are I fancy a bite. If you had a digestive system like mine, you'd be peckish most of the time, too.

Speaking of language, I do have one, and it’s not Lapine, Watership Down being a work of fiction thank Frith, as that's some dark reading. Mostly we're talking body language, with my ears doing the heavy lifting. I also mm-mm-mm. This has been translated variously as “Here I am!”, “I’m happy!”, “Feed me again!” and “What’s going on and why wasn’t I informed?”—or, as one of my favourite movie stars put it, “What’s up, Doc?”

They're all right answers, as far as they go. We rabbits have so much more on our minds, and await a Trekian universal translator for more than small talk.

Thinking outside the box
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It turns out the drawer under the bed makes a fine digging box

A review
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Spoon Giver Apology
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To the woodcarver who is making me this organic flatware:

Clever or worse
I now rehearse
my apology to thee
in vabbity rerse.

Thank you so much,
you’ve made this Dutch blush
when it arrives
I’ll look but not touch.

Wood I do nibble
it’s better than kibble
both are quite good
let us not quibble.

Thus ends my verse
neither verbose nor terse
please accept every word
- signed the innocently chompy woodcarver’s curse.

PS. To be or not to be
said the spoon (and the fork) to me.

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An email arrived
for little old me
my work was cut out
in stanzas three:

Always a joy to hear my woodware work’s enjoyed
And - though toothsome to some clientele as well -
I’d rather they’d avoid consuming my stirrers

For as sure as your fur is
Black and brown and white

There’s plenty of wild, unwhittled cellulose out there to bite.

Thanks though for the anticipatory ode

Dear techy lagomorph.

Do do me a favour and write again -

When your feeder’s ridden down the road,

Paid the postage overdue on the parcel I’ve packed -

And tell me if, when the treen tumbles out, they slag ‘em orf.

In that pack I sent a nature’s harvest for you to choose chews
When worrying:

I market them as “Bio Anguish Sticks”.

Make sure when you clock your carrot-servers’ chat you hear
What they really say and the words they use!
And do, do tell how you like, or not, the taste of Northern wood.
I’m looking forward to your cogent views

Although I’m more a fan of Piaget than biolinguistics.

My nature, you see,
overwhelms my good manners;
but I’ve given my pledge
sworn on St. George’s banners.

The spoon has arrived!
Or so I have heard.
“Bio Anguish Sticks” -
sounds delish, my word!

Of genetic epistemology
I haven't a clue.
My education stopped
at things I can chew.

Shall I compare thee toothsome unwhittled cellulose? I think not.

Rounding up
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Are we not all "rounding errors" in the great scheme of things?

Shot of love
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As the world waits, quite possibly in vain, for a vaccine for you-know-what, vet pharma comes through with a new cocktail to combat the usual nasties for us:

MSD Animal Health has launched Nobivac(r) Myxo-RHD Plus, the first single shot vaccine against the three main infectious diseases in rabbits - Myxomatosis, Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD) classic and variant strains (RHDV-1 and 2).

Previously this has required two shots, at least two weeks apart, when one visit to the surgery is plenty stressful as it is. I need to stay healthy for the peaceful overthrow.

Doctor doctor, give me the news
I got a bad case of mm-mm-mm