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That's entertainment
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I feel a certain kinship.

An inspiration to those of us with paws.

Sound effects
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Roll it on home, what's the problem?

Good manners
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What we owe a rabbit: the self-control not to interrupt a thread about pets with a carnivorous stomach growl. It's not a problem here, as we operate well under the radar of the uncouth, but it happens all the time on antisocial media.

Being and somethingness
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Birthday treat
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You've been warned
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Hear ye
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It's Noam's birthday. A date that will live in infamy, to his critics.

(This has been chosen as the whisker to be plucked to start a new thread.)

Joy to the world
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I have set out my stall as an advice columnist. The first offering from the mailbag was very tasty:

Muncher, just say no. I would suggest you have a hard look at your bunny’s diet and introduce gradual changes. Personally the only thing I would allow on your list is dill, a limited amount of peppers, and carrot tops. Bugs bunny has a lot to answer for.

Very small portions of fruit may be OK for treats, but as you have discovered, it's difficult to ration once we get a taste for it.

Brother can you spare a blueberry

There are lots of resources out there, and not all of them agree on every particular with each other (or with me). This is a good one.

Hay, greens, and maybe some nuggets. That’s all we really need.

Playing dumb for the camera for a good cause

The pickier you are on our behalf, the longer we’ll be around to bring you joy.