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Mother's Day
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Breakfast and a kick in the face.

The pain in Spain
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A plague of rabbits, says The Guardian. Time for a stern letter to the editor about hostile collective nouns. Apparently aardvarks have 'armoury'. I like the way they think.

Glad to hear my Spanish cousins have become immune to myxomatosis.

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Have you met my friend archy?

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Me neither!

Someone went to Bateman's today.

What does it say about me that my brain immediately added /Them

That looks exceptionally nibbleable.

Poor Binkie.

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Fancy meeting you here
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How to Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Garden
Quote from: House Beautiful
Supposedly, rabbits are afraid of their own reflection, so placing small mirrors or jars filled with water around your garden is said to keep them at bay. Place them near your most valuable plants or the ones they attack the most.


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Re: mm-mm-mm
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After bein off the radar fer sum RnR I feel the urge ter publish sum ov me class grippins. I ope yer will fergive me verbiage wot I am uploadin ere only becos I wos given the bum's rush by Private Eye. Ahem...

Guest post by
Humbug the Radical Rabbit

The Beginner Bun's Guide ter the Terf Sitcheration

Now this is not a guide ter the kind ov turf wot orses like, which is nice.
No, I am talkin about the Rad Fems ere an the trans wotsits innit.

This is a rarver complicatered fing an so, as a rab, I am goin ter break it
down inter sum key points fer yer.

1. The Brain
Sum peeps reckon that there is a female kind ov brain an that this kind ov
brain likes ter wear a dress an frilly knickers an it is nice an kind
an it also needs ter go ter the toilet wiv uvver female brains.

2. The Brain again
Uvver people like my P.A. reckon that this female brain fing is a load ov
cobblers becos actcherly she likes ter wear pants an she is a mean doozy an as
also taught herself ow ter pee up a tree.

3. The Gonads
When yer pregnant it don't matter wot knickers yer wearin becos they are
probly goin ter get a bit wet anyway. Wot matters a bit more is wevver yer baby
farver is a pillock wot says 'Yes, yer can go ter Uni an do yer Maffs an I
will stay at home ter look after Junior, I promise.' But then he says 'I am
the breadwinner an yer better do the washin an don't ferget ter iron me pants
like me muvver did even tho I ate her guts.'

4. The March ov History
Now wiv hindsight yer new muvver in this sitcheration mite fink 'Hmm, I may not
be Einstein but I am glad I looked after little Junior becos if little babies
picked up stoopid ideas like that the world would av a lot more pillocks innit.'

5. Synthesis
Wotever. If yer want ter wear make-up an funny shoes I fink that is fine an
dandy. David Bowie wos a great artis. Owever Adam Ant wos a bit ov a wannabe
but it takes all sorts.

Well I ope this as elped ter get fings a bit more straight fer yer.

All of me
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I thought the scene I was looking for was in The Man with Two Brains, but it turns out to be All of Me.

Skip to around .52 if you don't require too much exposition.


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Re: mm-mm-mm
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Fank you fer that intrestin clip Chompsky. It inspired me ter look fer a wise quote from Steve Martin but this wos the best he could come up wiv...

"Knowledge of means without knowledge of ends is animal training."

I am tempted ter criticise him fer this one on the grounds that I do not wear any shoes.


"So intent"
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Steve Martin's words come to mind as he considers where he's going and where he's been.

You're on candid camera
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