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Whassup Humbug!

Deffo Bugs B is #1 awesome but who is that Hazel character?

Surely the Easter Bunny is #2? Kids love choccy eggs and all that jazz!


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Hmm, C.B. fank you fer this question. It as lots ov innerestin implercations.

Ar we gonna include miffical rabbits in the historical cannon? Praps we could make a case fer Brer Rabbit an there are also lots ov uvver rabbits from Eastern an Native American traditions. Owever most ov these rabbits av not got much documentative evidence fer
their adventures, owever powerbolical they mite be. Bugs Bunny can speak fer imself.

As a big fan ov Sesame Street wot teaches yer ter count an ter spell an fings about anfropology I am skeptical ov the Easter Bunny becos the business ov Easter is not sumfing that most rabs fink ov as a benerfit ter socierty. It is a mixture ov religious stuff an witchy stuff an that kind ov craptrap makes peeps do stupid fings.

Richard Adams wrote the story ov Hazel ov Watership Down wiv help from the documentative work ov R. M. Loxley about the private life ov rabbits an all the maps are good an all. Even tho he made up names fer sum peeps in discretions I fink we can see it is a trewfful work.

Incerdentally I notice that yer pictcher is not an actcheral photergraph but it looks like a hippy-dippy artis reconstruction. My research assistant says I av ter be very careful on the internet in case ov flamin trolls.

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I ope yer don't mind me askin but where did yer get that deck?

Picked up used, at a price that can’t be beat. Its chief attraction was something to do with being a transparent PNG, which apparently makes photoshopping a whole lot easier.

It as got no concave, if yer kno wot I mean.

Not sure. My ears catch everything but it doesn't always get interpreted right. I will say that being only little, I wouldn't have made much of an impression on the board.

Surely the Easter Bunny is #2? Kids love choccy eggs and all that jazz!

And cookies, which thankfully aren’t only the preserve of kids.

Includes bubbles – concave & convex in one tidy package.

I fink we can see it [Watership Down] is a trewfful work.

It inspired true love. I wonder how many pictures of reader's rabbits Richard was in receipt of.


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Hi again Chompsky!

I am quite big fer a rab, but a lightweight when it comes ter wheely boards, an it is rarver difficult ter find the best shape an size ov deck. My research assistant says the concave deck is a good fing fer peeps becos ov flippin an spinnin wiv yer foot an also fer flex an pop. Ping is a bit diffrent I fink. Wot I like about the concave is that yer can hop onter the board wiv more confidence.

That is a very innerestin pictcher ov the concave ov the ears. I fink it shows that ears wot bend the wrong way are deffo bad an I am a bit worried becos I av got loppy lugs, but I will av ter live wiv it.

Praps after the lockdown I will be able ter go an see Watership Down fer meself but it is far away. A rab can dream!  Unfruitunately I fink Richard Adams went off on one a bit an started writin about weird fings like bears an dogs but that is a very good story ov the luvverly peeps an all, an I ope they live ever so appily after.

An Apolergy

I would like ter research the subjec ov cookies a bit more but they av bin blocked fer the sake ov me innerds. I fink I mite av bin a bit terse wiv the Cookie Bunny becos ov this. I fink I ad better post annuvver pictcher ov me ter show good faiff now I av seen is credentials.


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These are a few of my favourite things:
peppers and slippers and sweet meadow hay
kale and curtains and napping all day
the world wide web & surprises it brings –
which is to say,
I have more questions, if that’s OK?

Is south east London a state of mind, like New York?

Where do you stand on nominative determinism?

“When you’re in a hole stop digging.” Can you think of any other phrases a rabbit clearly didn’t come up with?


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Well Chompsky,

That's Billy Joel innit?
The U-tube's playin up again.

Souf-East London is not like a state it is like an eclectic mish-mash. It as high falutin bits an dodgy bits an quite green bits an all sorts ov inspirin fings but it can also be a bit ov a downer.

Where do you stand on nominative determinism?

Becos my name as got a double meanin - I can be naughty or nice if yer kno wot I mean - I fink about this kind ov stuff when I can be bovvered, but there are more important fings. I fink yer need a good inviroment ter nourish yer ideas.

Funnily enuff I av been writin a coupla pomes on the subjec of nommin an its aftermaffs, but I av not written about peein yet.


Sun shines and rain falls
grass grows high so peeps make hay
as everybun chews


Poo follows rations
digestion's healthy round response
feeds the next harvest

I fink 'Good manners cost nuffing' is not a pro-active bun's motto, actcherly that should've bin 'nanners'. I read sumwhere 'eat soft hay an chew on a big stick' wot is a bit more like it.

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I fink yer need a good inviroment ter nourish yer ideas.

So true! I welcome you. And haiku.

Please forgive the delay in my reply – I am easily distracted. Though not by what’s happening outside, as breakfast is about to be served.

Woolly clouds so close
the meadow the sky below
free floating hunger

Empty bowl filled me
good green food to become me
what magic is this


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Wotcha Chompsky!

Good ter see yer again. You av really got a nice point ov view there.

The translucence ov yer ears is quite sumfing too.

I sumtimes wish my inviroment wos more pastoral - We av got squirrels an nice birds an a tree but I wouldn't mind sum sheeps outside me winders. I av bin finkin about open space a lot - as well as food ov course - an feelin fings get on top ov yer a bit in the urban way ov livin. Wiv a bit ov luck I will be able ter get out more now spring is sprung.

In the meantime I can write about the way nuffing is empty in my particuler neck ov the woods.


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Guest post by
Humbug - the radical rabbit
The Beginner Bun's Guide ter Tidyin Up (yer stuff)

First ov all I will say that it is not a good idea ter tidy up stuff wot is not yer own fings unless it is rubbish. The problem is peeps cannot agree amongst emselves wot is rubbish an wot is in fac good stuff. This is a matter ov hopinion innit. Therefore I am goin ter tackle the complicatered subjec ov dealin wiv all this stuff. I am writin from the perpectiv ov an involved creatcher ere becos tho I do not actcherly need much stuff, on the uvver and I get sum fings I rarver like.

This is a long post becos there is a lot ov it about innit.

1. Stuff in the street

Lots ov peeps fink it is natcheral to drop stuff in the street. Yer can pick up this stuff an take it away or throw it in the bin as a social servis if yer want. Sum ov this stuff is disgustin. Yer can also call the Council ter pick up this sort ov stuff but it is probly quicker ter do it yerself.

2. Stuff in peeps gardens

It may be very temptin ter pick up this stuff but wot yer sposed ter do is knock on the door an say, 'Please can I av this stuff?' The uvver peep will eiver say, 'Yes, please elp yerself ter this old rubbish an welcome.' or 'Sod off' or sumfing, unless they av gone out. When yer come back fer the stuff it as already bin nicked.

3. Stuff on yer boat

I do not necerscelery mean yer 'boat race' wot is yer fissog in the slang ov Olde London Towne. It mite be stuff fer yer actcheral boat wot is parked in a boatyard, but eiver way it is toterly out ov order ter tidy up this type ov stuff wivout the propper permission. In the case ov yer fissog yer peep should give yer a right nice grattino an be very gentle ter boot. In the uvver case yer peep will swear blue murder an av a fit.

4. Stuff in a skip

Also known as 'recyclin'. Strickly speakin yer not sposed ter pick up this stuff but actcherly everybun wiv alf a brain will fink 'fank yer very much an go on yer way wiv my blessin an wot kind ov an idiot are yer anyway?'

5. Interlectcheral stuff

This is a speshial kind ov stuff wot is not like a solid fing but is an abstrac creation ov the brain. It is confusin becos books are like solid fings but believe it or not they also av this kind ov stuff. Obversly the internet is full ov this stuff but sum ov it is crap an sum ov it is valerbal stuff. Fink ov this like a magical mistery garden - the quicker yer pick up the stuff the more ov it there will be.

6. Too much stuff

I am talkin actcheral solid crap ere. We av crap wot is broken, stuff from packin up uvver stuff an sum ov it is even floatin about all over the shop. This is not like abstrac stuff. If yer pick up this stuff the less ov it there will be.

7. My stuff

I am actcherly a minimalist an not a big collecter ov stuff, unlike my research assistant. We av come ter an unnerstanding on the issue ov stuff owever an this means that if she messes wiv my stuff I will do as I av bin done by.

8. Dog stuff

It would not be propper ter leave this subjec wivout talkin about the dog sitcheration. There are actcherly peeps who scoop up the doggie do an put it in a placky bag an then chuck the bag ov poo in a bush. My advice is don't av a dog.

The inviroment is annuvver complex area ov debate becos diffrent places av diffrent standards which means yer can offset yer carbon footprint, but I ain't got a carbon footprint except when I av ter go ter the vet.