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Well Housemate ov Chompsky,

Ter be honest, 'Lights Out fer the Territory' does not seem ter be a grippin read on the level ov Dick Francis or Philip K. Dick on a good day. I like its wandrin fru various topics tho, an it does wot it says on the tin - the P.A. usuerly switches off pronto an she's away ter the land ov nod.

I av had me Myxi jab, an I do fink about the consequences ov science fer the world, not only fer rabs. Why on earth didn't peeps use humane meffods ov birf control like Prince Philip?

I av an experimental nature, an I actherly fink part ov the problem is scientists wot get stuck in a rut an arty peeps allergic ter science an that sort ov fing. It is hard fer a peep ter be a polymaff these days - Madmen n Specialists an all that, wot is yet annuver story. An don't get me started on the church! But it is word power wot as got me inspired today.

How can we even start ter be poets if langwich is a closed world?


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Guest post from
Humbug - the radical rabbit
The Beginner Bun's Guide Ter Phonics

Phonics is a word wot wos invented ter help peeps wiv learnin ter read. Yer not sposed ter pronounce it 'phone-ix'. It is actcherly pronounced 'phonnix'.

Phonics is like a buzz-word becos the word phonetic wos not considered short enuff as well as bein an adjerctive rarver than a collective noun. Now yer Castilliano, the langwich ov Don Quixote an friends, does av propper phonetic spellin but Inglish does not av so much ov it. If yer try an say every word like it is spelt it will drive yer round the bend an that is wot turns peeps inter heretics.

Ere are sum essential featchers ov the world ov phonics.

Trigger warnin - Teachers beware becos this article does not conform ter the National Curriculum. It also as a few italics an sum inverted commas innit.

1. Magic e

Magic e is nuffin ter do wiv psycherdelic medicines but it is still a bit weird. Magic e is wot appens when yer av a vowel in a word an then a consonant an then annuver vowel wot is usuerly e. Wot appens is that this magic fing makes the first vowel sound longer. Fink 'Say my Name' - but not my actcheral name, the word 'name'. Fer example, the word mate as a diffrent sound than the word mat. Also we av Pete an pet, bite an bit, hope an hop and cute and cut. The most weird fing is is that sumtimes it don't work like that an we av words like 'cursive' an 'phonetic'. I ope this is not too confusin.

2. Double consonants

Double consonants help us ter kno when words wot don't av magic e in em av a short vowel sound rarver than a long one, like propper an spellin. I like double consonants an fink we should av a lot more ov em.

3. Olde Inglish

Words wot come from Olde Inglish can av funny peculier letter patterns in em like 'ough' an 'igh'. The 'igh' is easier ter say becos it rhymes wiv 'ie' like in pie. The 'ough' is a toughie tho  wot oughter be pronounced wiv a bit more thought.

4. Latin

Words wiv latin roots are awright fer peeps in countries wiv the Holey Roman Empire in their past histories. Owever if you av ad Vikings an wotnot fings like "corruptissima republica, plurimae leges" are sumfing else.

5. The Schwer vowel <?>

Wikipedia tells us that the symbol <?> was used first by Johann Andreas Schmeller fer the reduced vowel at the end ov the German name Gabe, an I believe em. This is also known as the neutral vowel. This vowel is actcherly the most common vowel in the Inglish langwich becos enny vowel can sound like it but, uh-uh, it as not got a propper spellin. It is most famous fer the backin vocals in the rap genre ov musical poetry.

A diffrent style ov readin wos the 'key words' meffod advercated by Janet an John, but they wos discombobulated long ago becos ov the advances ov feminism. As yer can see, phonics is one ov them fings wot can cause trouble even tho it is sposed ter make fings better.

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Me want Cuhkigh!


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Well C.B.

Yer can give a rab a biscuit ter eat fer a day,
but teach em how ter cook an they can beat debts away.

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I like double consonants an fink we should av a lot more ov em.


I hadn't even heard of the rabbit rule (and will admit I didn't make it to the end of that video. They should've hired Digby and Lily.) Funnily enough it only applies to humans. Then there's this rabbit rule, which says

any significant term or concept which appears in the contention must also appear in one of the premises… The idea behind the rule is that you can't pull rabbits out of hats just by magic. If a rabbit appears above the hat, it must have been put in there previously. In argument mapping terms, nothing can magically appear in the contention; it must have been put in the premises first.

I'm more used to these governing principles, especially


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Hay Chompsky!

Now this is very much my kind ov debate. I fink I am a bit ov a heavyweight when it comes ter rules an fings. I don't fink I have mentioned this before but I am actcherly bigger than the average cat an therefore I am not likely ter fit in the hat. Also if I wos ter get in sum massive fancy titfer it would be my decision ter do so an nuffing is goin ter put me there wivout my say so, an at least sum right tasty grub, innit.

Don't get me wrong - I am an egalitarian an all that, an these premises are managed inna symbiotic stylee. We actcherly scored around 50% on the 'Bunny Approved Governing Principles' wotsit - but I fink there are peeps around wot av this 'bunny-slave' complex innit, an even buy the t-shirts. I av got a bit more respec fer the P.A. than ter treat her like a total carpet. Anyhow there ain't no carpets, wot makes fings a lot easier on a basic level.

I wos innerested in the 'a', 'e', 'o' rabs - I fink they bear out my contention that the behaviour of 'e' in general is a bit various. Or praps they get bored after countin up ter two. Which sort ov leads inter me next topic, funnily enuff.

We can see that the Inglish langwich is bit peculier, but now let's spare a thought fer the structure ov thought itself, in particuler maffmatical thought, just in case yer thought it wos all a bit more straightforward.


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Guest post from
Humbug - the radical rabbit
The Bigger Bun's Guide Ter (Maffmatical) Logic

Now the problem wiv logic is a bit like the problem wiv stuff - a lot ov peeps argue about wot bits ov it are rarver good and wot is a load ov rubbish. An I am not talkin about peeps wot talk about important fings on the internet an get emotional becos they av strong beliefs innit. Even the most famous maffmaticians an philosophizers ov all time got in a tizz wiv the logic business.

This is why the P.A. gets a bit miffed when peeps tell her ter teach 'maffs facs' ter innocent little kiddies. If there is one fing that logic proves beyond reasonable doubt it is that maffs is more or less an invention ov the brain. She as bovvered me rotten ter produce a neat guide wiv a nice sense ov perspective ter help yer rise above the wickid world ov so-called facs, in no particuler order.

Dualism - or the eivver/or question

Now this is like a multiple choice test wiv a choice ov 2 answers.
This type ov question wos made famous by the ancient Greek geezer Aristotle. Yer mite fink it is very simple becos the answers are basically 'yes' or 'no'. But then yer mite fink 'yes, if...' or 'no, but...' or 'maybe?' or even 'that is a bleedin stupid question, yer twonk.' - if yer a bit ov a smarty-pants.


In the misterious discipline ov Zen Buddism ov the East, when yer ask an eivver/or type ov question, or actcherly most uvver sorts ov question, a Zen master will bonk yer on the head wiv a stick an go back down the pub.

Proof by contradiction

Since time immoral this type ov proof as bin a cornerstone ov logic, even if yer can't agree about anyfing else. Wot happens is yer fink up a hyperthetical sitcheration an say, 'if fing 1 is true, an fing 2 is true then it follows that fing 3 is also true.' etc. After a bit yer get ter fing Y wot turns out ter be the opposite ov fing Y-X an so it's back ter the pub.


All the hyperthetical fings ov logic are called axioms. The plan is that yer start wiv a few small axiom fings that look nice an simple an use em ter build a big theorem wot will win yer the Nobel Prize fer Genius. But yer mite actcherally induce a hernia becos yer iffy  meffod is shot full ov holes by a committee ov yer peers.


Once upon a time the Greek maffmatician Euclid had clever axioms ov geometry all about planes an lines and points, which wos nice. But there wos a rogue axiom ov parallel lines that wos independent ov all the uvver axioms an it mutated an flew off the plane an invented the hyperbolical universe.

Exceptions ter the rules

There wos this German geezer called Gottlieb Frege an his number one fing wos a book ter prove maffs is logical. Owever just as he wos almost done wiv provin all ov maffs is basically 100% logical Bertrand Russell wrote him a nice letter all about sets ov fings, an sets ov uvver sets, an lots ov uvver fings about wevver the set ov all the uvver sets is a member ov its own set, becos if it is then there would av ter be annuver set innit. So poor old Gottlieb had ter give up the sets an go ter speshial classes instead like the barber who cut everyone else's hair but messed up wiv his own barnet. Bertrand Russell wos a big fan ov logical classes, even tho he wos a Peer ov the Realm, so then he co-produced his version ov the Principia Maffmatica Volumes 1-3 wot is as good as it sounds.


This wos annuvver German bloke an he took logic ter extremes like a Zen master but wivout the mistery or the Buddhism, or even much maffmatics eivver really. He wos a mate ov Bertie Russell, but instead ov writin loads ov stuff about anyfing an everyfing he said not a lot about nuffing much.


Kurt Gödel wos yet annuvver Germanic blokey an his mitey strict contribution ter logic wos too much even fer the speshial classes becos he showed that if the ariffmetic ov maffs wos logical in the first place it would actcherly contradict itself in the next place.


'Garbage in garbage out' is the famous motto ov computer science. Wiv the Arterfishial Intelligence Revolution the computers got one up on this wisdom tho becos ov machine learnin by trial an error. This means yer modern souped up computer can ask itself a zillion questions in virtuerly no time at all. Yer can actcherly stick a load ov rubbish in it an Alexa will still tell yer where ter buy sum curtains.

So, never mind the logic, wot about common sense? This mite seem like a reasonable question. Owever, neivver logic nor computers can do anyfing wiv common sense becos they don't actcherly kno wot it is yet. If yer fink yer can offer a solution ter this fascinatin conundrum praps yer should take a deep breath an have a nice cup ov tea.

leap of logic
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Tentative nibbles upon the subject

In effect, Frege invented axiomatic predicate logic, in large part thanks to his invention of quantified variables, which eventually became ubiquitous in mathematics and logic, and which solved the problem of multiple generality. Previous logic had dealt with the logical constants and, or, if... then..., not, and some and all, but iterations of these operations, especially "some" and "all", were little understood: even the distinction between a sentence like "every boy loves some girl" and "some girl is loved by every boy" could be represented only very artificially, whereas Frege's formalism had no difficulty expressing the different readings of "every boy loves some girl who loves some boy who loves some girl" and similar sentences, in complete parallel with his treatment of, say, "every boy is foolish".

The following started with the intention of being a limerick, but unsurprisingly, I lack discipline.


There once was a bunny named Donnie
his visage a far cry from bonny
this saddened him greatly
fearing his fate, he
went to a shrink who said "Donnie…
beauty is truth and truth beauty."
His head far from shrunk, thought now he
"The truth, as far as I can see
is that every bunny loves some bunny who loves some bunny who loves some bunny"
for the truth of the mirror had set him free.


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Mmm, Chomps, me old mucka!

Gottlieb F. wos a heavyweight an all - ok, he so fell off the top ov his ladder but that don't mean the rungs wos dodgy innit.

I still fink yer Logic in general is not pretty cut an dried.

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Should I take philosophy?

It looks like I'd better, to enhance my viewing experience.

Yo Immanuel!

Yo Humbug!
Hope you don't mind that I've dangled you like a carrot to my followers on Twitter, who number in the double figures. Speaking of the big bird, I believe Kant would approve of this tweet: